Steve Pritchett

Steve Pritchett

Steve Pritchett relishes a challenge. From fighting to secure justice for his clients in an overly complex criminal justice system to taking on multinational corporations that wrong them, he always gives it his all.

He is currently a Partner at Townsend & Lockett LLC, providing advice to clients with regard to Business Litigation issues. Since 2005 he has been practicing law.

Early Life and Education

Steve Pritchett hails from Tahlequah, Oklahoma and spent over 10 years serving his nation as a Royal Marine before transitioning into financial advice with an MBA certificate and practice diploma in mortgage advice and practice.

At his father’s request, he left school at 15 to enter the leather trade. Later he lived an abhorrent bohemian life in Paris while supporting himself by writing pompous prose that earned him the moniker “V. S. Pritchett.”

At times of difficulty, his quick sense of humor and commitment to family helped keep him going. He leaves behind his daughter Donnay and son Chase from Tahlequah as well as his sisters Billie Richie and Samuel Pritchett (known as Buck), nieces and nephews whom he loved so dearly, nieces and nephews as well as many friends he held dear.

Professional Career

Since 2010, Pritchett has been a partner at our firm and specialises in commercial property and real estate litigation, handling multi-track trials involving leasehold claims, options, dilapidations claims, break clauses, LTA 1954 renewals, commercial contracts as well as appearing before the Court of Appeal.

He inherited his family trucking business, which has expanded to include Nextran dealerships and a bank. His son Jon and brother Price currently manage most of these operations.

He allegedly declined Iovinelli’s promotion as shift commander, even upon Traiforos’ recommendation. This decision, according to Iovinelli, was done as an act of revenge against his lawsuit against the Department. Iovinelli believed this process had no genuine basis and believes his lawsuit had no merit.

Achievement and Honors

Steve Pritchett is an acclaimed author who has published many works, such as travel essays and nine volumes of literary criticism. Additionally, he has also written many short stories and frequently contributes to The New Statesman.

He is a highly accomplished pianist who regularly guest teaches at Italy’s premier school for musical theatre training, La Scuola del Musical. Additionally, he has provided accompaniment at Ballet Theatre UK classes/auditions and voice coaching for RAD and IDTA examination boards.

Taken seriously as a profession, Jan Pritchett takes great pride in keeping up with ever-evolving laws so he can provide his clients with every advantage. Additionally, she takes part in various professional associations and committees; proud to give back to her community through the many awards received for her efforts.

Personal Life

Pritchett was an accomplished author renowned for his short stories and literary criticism, although he also produced novels, travel essays, biography and biographies. Additionally he was a respected journalist having spent over 60 years contributing to The New Statesman.

He was born in Floydada and graduated with a degree in mass communications and business administration from West Texas State University. Following graduation he began his career at KVII-TV in Amarillo as reporter, producer, anchorman and eventually news director, ranking first among local news audience ratings during his six year term – retiring as such in 1994.

Net Worth

Pritchett displayed keen business acumen from an early age as he expanded his timber production and logging company, owned and operated Nextran truck dealerships, and held shares in the Mercantile Bank of Lake City – all by himself!

On Aug. 24, he was shot and killed by Hubert Allen, an overseer at Rolling Oaks who had long been Pritchett’s friend. This incident remains under investigation.

Sofia Vergara, best known as Gloria Pritchett on The Office, reportedly reportedly boasts an estimated net worth of US$43 Million. Most of her earnings come from salary on the show plus brand endorsements and licensing deals; Sofia also races drag racing for Don Schumacher Racing where she has won multiple awards.

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