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Personal Finance Expert – Steve Ring

Steve Ring has been an esteemed real estate professional for 22 years. Known for his exceptional integrity, work ethic, knowledge, and experience.

He has also published several books; Tonality and Transformation provides a transformative model of tonal hearing through interpretive essays on music from Bach to Mahler.

Early Life and Education

Steve Ring is a master in systems engineering. He has written multiple books and given lectures around the country. Additionally, Steve serves on the board of River Ridge Church as well as being part of its elder board.

Tonality and Transformation was his debut work, outlining a transformational model of tonal hearing as applied in interpretive essays covering music from Bach to Mahler. Since then he has co-edited The Oxford Handbook of Critical Concepts in Music Theory alongside Alexander Rehding.

Stephen lives in Glendora, California with his wife Tabitha King. Together they offer scholarships to local high school students as well as contributing to multiple charities. Together they have two sons and four grandchildren that they enjoy sailing, skiing and hiking with; in their free time they own a race car and volunteer regularly at Glendora fire stations.

Professional Career

Steve Ring gained experience working in public accounting before transitioning into his current position, providing financial guidance and support to Oklahoma farmers and livestock ranchers as the director of finance of Partners for Production Agriculture. In this capacity, Steve offers guidance and support for Oklahoma grain and cattle farmers.

His first book, Tonality and Transformation (Oxford 2011), proposes an innovative transformational model of tonal hearing which he applies in interpretive essays covering music from Bach to Mahler.

As well as his professional endeavors, Ring is also an avid sports fan and supports local charities. Together with his wife Tabitha he offers scholarships to high school students. They both are also active members of their church.

Achievement and Honors

Steve Ring is an artist renowned for his meticulous artistic workmanship. All his art is produced in his studio and he belongs to the Fine Art Trade Guild. Additionally, Steve has donated to several charities and been honored locally for his generosity.

He has published extensively on music theory, with his first book Tonality and Transformation (Oxford 2011) outlining an innovative transformative model of tonal hearing. Additionally, he co-edited Oxford Handbook of Critical Concepts in Music Theory as co-editor while teaching both undergraduate and graduate levels about tonal/post-tonal theory.

He enjoys spending his free time with family and friends, attending church regularly, volunteering within his local community and supporting it with charitable activities.

Personal Life

Steve Ring is an avid sports fan who also appreciates music. In his free time he enjoys skin diving, flying his private plane and sailing his yacht; writing short stories which have been sold to men’s magazines is another passion of his.

He and his wife Tabitha reside primarily in Maine but also spent some time living in Boulder, Colorado. Together they are parents to two children.

David holds a deep affiliation with River Ridge Church and currently sits on their elder board, has donated to numerous charities, is an enthusiastic Glendora High School Band supporter, holds several real estate investments, is an active community member, and volunteers with the local fire department.

Net Worth

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