Steve Scoggins

Steve Scoggins – Founder and President, Check Into Cash

Steve Scoggins serves as President for Check Into Cash, which provides Credit Cards & Transaction Processing services from Cleveland in United States.

He assists individuals in building businesses they love and becoming successful at them, while teaching valuable life skills like showing up and taking action.

Early Life and Education

He was raised in rural Gray County near Montezuma and spent his life working with rocks and mining them for profit. Additionally, he served as an assistant teacher in local schools.

Scoggins’ message centers around his belief that each individual possesses great power to shape their future, drawing from 43 years of setbacks, failures, breakdowns, losses and successes to teach others how to overcome their limits and reach for their highest aspirations.

He attended Hendersonville First Baptist Church where his focus was to Lift Up Jesus and Love People. As a father of five and grandfather of one, his focus was to Lift Up Jesus and Love People. He is survived by his wife Carolyn; daughter Georgia Burke (and husband Richard of Dodge City); son Frank Scoggins and companion Diane Cecchettini from Gig Harbor Washington; step-daughter Suzy Chapple with James from Broken Arrow Oklahoma and stepsister Candee Haugland with Georg from Muskogee as well as numerous nieces and nephews and nieces he left behind.

Professional Career

Stephen began his legal career as a corporate litigator in Chicago, renowned for its aggressive legal culture. Through this practice he learned the importance of thoughtful, patient negotiation and skilled mediation.

Steve quickly made an impactful contribution to Lambertville by opening Boomerbilia, an innovative collectible emporium. Over the years, he has contributed greatly to its economy and quality of life by serving on public boards and committees, building the town’s largest 5 & Dime and chairing its annual all-volunteer Shad Festival for seventeen years.

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Achievement and Honors

Scoggins has earned accolades as an entrepreneur, speaker, and business coach for his successful businesses which generate high revenues. His popular podcast “Stuck to Unstoppable” has over 4 million listeners.

At the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina’s (BSCNC) 2021 Annual Meeting last November, he was unanimously chosen as its Convention President. He ran unopposed.

First Baptist Church of Hendersonville received an honorable mention in the 2022 edition of Excellent Protestant Congregations. Situated near Auburn University and offering services to a broad spectrum of local residents, its members are known for exhibiting welcoming attitudes while performing “sincere and abundant” community service. Furthermore, First Baptist offers authentic spiritual experience that fosters creativity; encouraging members to take risks and be innovative.

Personal Life

Stephen Scoggins is an author, speaker, entrepreneur and pastor who uses his 43 years of setbacks, failures, breakdowns and losses to show others how to overcome barriers and reach their highest aspirations goals.

He believes the key to living a successful life lies in service to both God and humanity, teaching that when your fruit of your life is oranges, ripping it up and planting apple seeds could yield much better harvest. Additionally, his podcast can be found on iTunes where it covers topics like leadership, business strategy, conscious living as well as lifting Jesus up while loving on people.

Net Worth

Stephen Scoggins is the Founder and President of Check Into Cash, which provides Direct Lending services such as payday advances, in-store cash advances, online payday loans and title pawns. Based in Cleveland Tennessee with over 1,032 employees this company boasts one of the fastest-growing service lines available today.

He has faced many hardships throughout his life, such as homelessness. Yet despite these hurdles, he has achieved tremendous success as both an entrepreneur and motivational speaker.

He believes the key to success lies in working hard and serving others at the same time, serving others through hard work and service. His example has inspired many, and when others run with the bulls he reminds them: when everyone else runs with them there may be one coming! This philosophy on life has enabled him to achieve extraordinary success.

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