Steve Shafran

Steve Shafran – Giving Back to His Community

Steve Shafran is the president and founder of a private equity firm that invests in special situation debt and equity financing, as well as operating an asset servicing business for distressed assets.

She and her husband, a private equity investor, split their time between homes in Los Angeles, New York City and Sun Valley Idaho. She is passionate about decorating and entertaining.

Early Life and Education

Steve and Stephanie Booth Shafran have long been known to give generously of themselves. Residing in Ketchum, Idaho, the couple is active members of their community, supporting numerous projects over time as well as serving on boards such as those belonging to Ketchum City Council or SVMOA boards or providing educational or animal welfare initiatives.

Shafran has performed clinical trials on antiviral drugs and vaccines as part of his work for two Canadian correctional services, as well as being well-known for identifying and treating people living with HIV who have disseminated hepatitis C to reduce transmission and improve liver damage. Furthermore, he serves as a member of CIHR-Canadian HIV Trials Network as well as publishing in several journals.

Professional Career

Shafran served as co-head of Goldman Sachs’ Asian Principal Investment Area as a former partner. Additionally, he founded and managed a distressed asset servicing business in China; graduating with both an undergraduate degree from University of California Berkeley and an MBA degree from Harvard Business School.

Shafran holds Chairman positions with IPC Corp (United States) and Upfront Ventures Management LLC as well as directorships with Congressional Bancshares Inc and TypTap Insurance Group, and serves on Sun Valley Community School and United States Ski Association boards of Directors.

His observation-led photographic works often center on single subjects; Ruth was the focus of three series from 1992 to 2004 that explored her as an anchor in her home environment and offered a response to fashion industry objectification of women. These photographs can be read as a way of reacting against that trend while showing Ruth as one of many constants within an otherwise turbulent landscape.

Achievement and Honors

As a soloist, Shafran performed worldwide as well as recording with pianist Anton Ginsburg. His forte lay in playing miniature forms like sonatas while his poetic sensibility and vast palette of tone colors made him ideal for romantic and impressionist repertoires.

Shafran was also a star college tennis player, winning back-to-back Atlantic 10 conference championships for the Colonials in 1992 and ’93. She earned three all-conference selections in singles play and earned All-American status (ranked 73rd nationally).

Houghton has identified key proteins responsible for hepatitis C and developed drugs to block them – allowing patients to take pills instead of injectable interferons which had severe side effects. Now he sees patients from all across northern Alberta who benefit from his discoveries.

Personal Life

Fr. Shafran currently serves as president of Don Bosco Cristo Rey High School and Corporate Work Study Program in Takoma Park, Md. Additionally, he has held posts such as Salesian provincial council member, director of their vocation office and educator at Salesian HS New Rochelle, Archbishop Shaw HS Marrero and Salesian Center Columbus among many others.

Before joining Centerbridge, he founded and managed two financial advisory firms focused on special situation equity and debt financing in Hong Kong as well as operating distressed asset servicing businesses in Southern China. Prior to that he served as Partner at Goldman Sachs where he co-headed its Asian Principal Investment Area.

Stephanie Booth Shafran, fifth-generation Angeleno and great-great granddaughter of Los Angeles Times publisher Harrison Gray Otis, has long been a cornerstone of L.A. society scene, hosting charity benefits and galas at her Bel Air home. Alongside Steve Shafran (private equity investor), the couple often splits time between Los Angeles, New York and Sun Valley Idaho.

Net Worth

Steve Shafran is a Senior Advisor for Centerbridge Partners and oversees investments across financial services, technology, media and telecommunications. From 1996 – 2001 he co-led Goldman Sachs’ Asian Principal Investment Area as a Partner. Additionally he founded China’s first S&P rated debt servicing company as well as being Senior Advisors Henry Paulson and Timothy Geithner during 2008-9 financial crisis and holds several world class real estate assets across Manhattan, Greenwich Connecticut Sun Valley Idaho and Jupiter Island Florida.

He serves on the boards of Cascade Financial Holdings and Forbright Inc. as well as being on the advisory boards for TypTap Insurance Group. Since November 2003 he has traded Henry Schein stock, most recently selling 83,969 units worth $5,459,664. Additionally his family foundation in Ketchum Idaho provides affordable housing and eye care to underprivileged children.

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