Steve Shane

Steve Shane – An Aspen Real Estate Adviser

Steve Shane is an expert senior advisor with more than four decades of experience setting corporate strategy and transforming complex organizations. He works closely with senior executives and boards during times of extreme challenge to assist them through transitions.

Shane is an art collector who collects emerging artists. Additionally, he teaches and coordinates Charlestown High School-Emerson College writing partnership. During our virtual visit he shared some engaging anecdotes and gave rare insight into his curated collection.

Early Life and Education

As a business attorney, Shane possesses an in-depth knowledge of corporate law and taxation. Additionally, his estate planning and wealth management abilities allow him to provide advice that is both cost-effective and financially responsible.

Stephen and Tabitha are regular donors to various charities and libraries in Maine and have been honored locally for their philanthropy. While spending their winters in Florida, the two spend time between Bangor and Center Lovell Maine homes.

John Baldessari, Louise Bourgeois, Julian Schnabel and Cindy Sherman. Preferring the term art lover over collector, he offers guests unique access to his selection of artworks that showcase themes such as seduction meets repulsion with humorous or dysfunctional family references and paintings without paint.

Professional Career

Shane founded Daring Dialogues Consulting in 2004 and has been teaching LGBTQ identities and social justice frameworks at SHS ever since completing his master of social work degree there in 2003. Additionally, he instructs the university’s First Year Writing and Community Writing courses.

Steve is an accomplished consultant with four decades of experience setting corporate strategy, restructuring complex organizations and overseeing operations and technology change management for both public and private companies across multiple industries.

Shane believes in the belief that you only gain what you put in, which explains his successful business of serving his clients’ needs and providing results. Recently, he strategically partnered with Compass Real Estate of New York so his clientele can take advantage of their tech savvy approach, global reach, and 24 U.S. locations.

Achievement and Honors

Shane has established himself as a standout influencer within social media space and contributed immensely to its growth by offering mentorship and guidance for other influencers.

Shane prefers to call himself an art lover rather than collector, yet his home is packed with works of art from all around the world. He enjoys sharing their histories with guests who visit, as well as making connections with emerging artists along the way.

He also displays an impressive commitment to philanthropy, actively engaging in various charitable endeavors. His devotion has helped build him an impressive reputation within the community; many find inspiration in him; his hard work ethic and creativity set him apart from peers.

Personal Life

Shane oversees his local team of imaginative, energetic and enthusiastic brokers as well as managing his personal brokerage of existing and new clients in Aspen’s highly competitive market. Outside of work he is a strong proponent for giving back and gives back in many different ways through community outreach efforts.

He is a founding member and longtime member of Redd Kross, as well as hardcore punk group OFF! from 2009-2021 and is also currently the bass guitarist for The Melvins.

Steve Shane is currently unmarried but has had several relationships in the past. His net worth is estimated at $62 Million thanks to his career as a Bassist; at 52 years old and 52 inches tall his full body measurements will soon be updated.

Net Worth

Shane describes himself as selling to the wealthy; recently selling an Aspen half duplex for $3 Million sight unseen and working full time to serve high net worth clients without incurring overhead expenses and expertise requirements.

Shane Aspen Real Estate was established with creativity, industriousness and business acumen as its cornerstones; today one of its brokers ranks nationally for their sales performance.

Steve Shane’s income streams have been enhanced through various partnerships with influencers and brands, such as endorsements, events and collaborative content creation projects. Furthermore, his social media presence has earned him great respect among his followers; many find him inspiring figures.

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