Steve Shelton

Steve Shelton – An Interview With the Head Soccer Coach at UW-Madison

Steve Shelton teaches his students the art of effective communication. His passion lies in helping his pupils succeed in life.

Shelton alleges that prosecutor comments during closing arguments at his penalty phase hearing regarding Shelton’s failure to express regret violated his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination and that trial court improperly restricted his allocution at that hearing.

Early Life and Education

Shelton hails from Grosse Ile High School in Southeast Michigan where he excelled as a preseason soccer star before attending University of Michigan where he played on its men’s soccer team.

Shelton went on to teach physical education at Christiansburg Elementary School in Virginia after his graduation, eventually going on to receive his M.S. in Health and Physical Education Teacher Education from Radford University as well as serve as Southwest Virginia VAHPERD Workshop director.

Academic staff with exceptional research records may earn this distinguished researcher designation, reserved for academic staff with exceptional records of accomplishment. Shelton studies how amygdala plays into fear-related behavior; “The Stain” from Confessor’s first full-length album Condemned showcases Shelton’s prowess at maneuvering complex riffs like jungle gyms by finding hidden accents and shifting emphasis for multiple time feels.

Professional Career

Since his undergraduate days at UW-Madison, Shelton has been at the forefront of research activities. He has an impressive list of refereed papers and book chapters under his name as well as presentations at numerous international professional meetings.

Shelton led Christiansburg High School cross country teams to state championships and national rankings across both divisions under his coaching. Additionally, he served as Southwest Virginia VAHPERD workshop director.

Shelton joined his brother Stu to co-found a law firm and has litigated or presided over thousands of cases since. He specializes in criminal, municipal and public disclosure law as well as land use and environmental law and belongs to the Washington State District and Municipal Court Judge’s Association.

Achievement and Honors

Shelton has enjoyed success coaching various teams throughout his coaching career. These include Grosse Ile High School boys and girls cross country teams – leading them to two state titles and national rankings; Royal Oak Football Club; Michigan Rush Soccer Club among others.

B&D Industrial honored him in 2015 by bestowing the John D. Nations Award, with coworkers appreciating him for his close relationships and encouragement to their team.

Shelton is a recognized authority in Integrated Pest Management (IPM). He has collaborated with stakeholders across borders and disciplines to advance IPM practices worldwide; with projects completed across North America, Asia and Europe; as well as speaking at IPM conferences around the globe.

Personal Life

Shelton is an active member of Raytown Rotary Club and sits on its Advisory Board. Additionally, he coaches soccer for both Royal Oak Football Club and Michigan Rush and has previously taught classes at Ball State, Concordia University and Grosse Ile High School.

Shelton enjoys keeping active and working around his house. Additionally, he likes traveling with his family.

He is also the founder of the Trade Institute of Pittsburgh (TIP), which offers training to those reentering the workforce after imprisonment or who need assistance getting their lives on track. Since its launch, TIP has grown into an 11,000-square-foot facility. Furthermore, Shelton competed in SCCA/ECAR Formula Atlantic Championship for five years and achieved several race victories while competing.

Net Worth

Wozniak has amassed considerable wealth over time from his work at Apple. Additionally, he made headlines for making an unusual move by not giving early employees stock options when Apple was gearing up to go public.

Shelton has amassed an enormous following among country music fans. He rakes in millions through his appearances as a celebrity judge on NBC’s The Voice show and through sales of millions of records over time. He has experienced great success as both an entertainer and businessperson.

He boasts a net worth estimated to be approximately $100 million and owns properties including homes and cars. Additionally, he holds numerous endorsement deals with various brands like New Balance and Yonex and is currently serving on California Bancorp’s board as a director – having made no insider transactions during this timeframe.

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