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Celebrity Net Worth – Steve Shore

Steve Shore is known for his precise visual language of places. Although his 1970s series “American Surfaces” was often overlooked at the time, its revival through books published then and now with Phaidon monographs is seeing renewed success.

He was an early pioneer of color photography, having set an example for other artists like Eggleston in this regard.

Early Life and Education

Steve Shore is widely recognized for his road trip series “American Surfaces.” These works documenting American landscape and everyday settings and objects like empty hotel pools or plates of food show his masterful and artistic approach that brings back memories for viewers while setting him apart from his peers.

Shore’s deadpan slice of life draws upon other conceptualists like On Kawara and Ed Ruscha, as well as contemporary social media apps like Instagram and Tik Tok that enable us to record mundane daily happenings. It was therefore ahead of its time in terms of recording our daily lives through pictures.

At fourteen, Shore was honored to have his work entered into the Museum of Modern Art’s collection – an accomplishment accomplished by only a select few artists. Later he received a solo exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art – first given to an American photographer!

Professional Career

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Shore’s photographic journey started when he received a darkroom kit and 35mm camera as gifts at an early age. Inspired by Walker Evans’ American Photographs book series, he began creating color images at fourteen.

Shore was one of the early pioneers of color photography, when black and white photography was generally more regarded. He became renowned for his series of conceptual sequences which may initially look random yet eventually reveal themselves to be well thought-out pieces crafted using Deardorff 4X5 and 8X10 large format film cameras for his work.

Achievement and Honors

At the same time, Shore was awarded with numerous honors and awards during his career. His photography has been published in over 25 books, with solo exhibitions at such prominent institutions as Museum of Modern Art New York; George Eastman House in Rochester; 303 Gallery New York City. Furthermore, international shows were hosted by him along with fellowships from National Endowment for the Arts and Guggenheim Foundation fellowships.

Shore has served as Director of Photography at Bard College since 1982. At a time when other photography programs favored mixed media approaches, Shore was committed to “straight photography”, mandating that his students use large-format manual view cameras for his classes. His educational approach left an indelible mark on many students who later went on to become well-known photographers themselves.

Personal Life

Shore is a self-taught artist who began dabbling with photography at six, using a darkroom kit provided by his parents and an uncle as encouragement. At nine, his interests in photography were further confirmed when given his own 35mm camera by that uncle.

Shore was among the pioneers of color art photography, producing striking yet deceptively mundane photographs in his style which were inspired by Walker Evans. His photographs examined American interiors through overlooked details rather than romantic formulas while challenging traditional photographic establishment’s disregard of color with bright hues and unexpected tonal contrasts.

Since 1982, Shore has served as Director of Photography at Bard College and is widely known for highlighting Straight Photography at a time when many photo programs shifted toward mixed media photography programs.

Net Worth

Shore remains uncertain of his net worth; however, his strong reputation as a personal fitness trainer likely contributes to it.

He has photographed fashion stories for various magazines such as Elle and the Daily Telegraph. Additionally, his work has been showcased at Edwynn Houk Gallery in New York and Nederlands Foto Instituut in Rotterdam among other venues.

Real estate investments by Shore have led him to amass an enormous fortune. Among his ventures is leading RangeWater Real Estate Group based out of Atlanta that he co-founded in 2006. As CEO, he oversees investments, development, acquisitions and property management of this multifamily investment firm as well as serves on its Multifamily Bronze Council of Urban Land Institute as well as being a member of National Multi Housing Council.

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