Steve Simeonidis

Steve Simeonidis

Steve Simeonidis is an eminent corporate, insurance and elections attorney currently serving as chairman of the Miami-Dade Democratic Party. Recently he won a runoff election to replace former chair Juan Cuba.

Harry Simeonidis serves as CEO and non-executive director for Intelligent Bio Solutions. Additionally, he sits as non-executive director at Farmaforce Ltd in Australia.

Early Life and Education

Simeonidis was a full-time attorney before being elected chairman of the Miami-Dade Democratic Party in February 2019. Additionally, he serves on the city’s Commission on Human Rights and is a member of the Democratic National Committee.

Steve and Alix may come from two divergent backgrounds, yet have found common ground on several fronts. Both enjoy music, can relate to bad zombie TV shows and share an appreciation of puns – indeed they even managed to survive PA school together!

He leaves behind his beloved wife Presbytera Eleni; daughter Carrie Klepzig; son Reverend Protopresbyter Constantine of Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church in Maitland, Florida; grandchildren Aikaterini Flora, Dimitri Constantine and Olympia Violeta who all loved and cherished him immensely. He believed in unconditional love and second chances.

Professional Career

Steve Simeonidis is an attorney who served as general counsel of the Miami-Dade Democratic Party until being appointed chairman in February 2019 after Democrats struggled in this county during last year’s midterm elections.

During the election process, he faced criticism for wearing a Trump 2020 mask into a polling place – this violated state law as officers aren’t allowed to enter elections sites while wearing uniform.

His other roles have included being president of Miami-Dade Young Democrats and sitting on the local Commission on Human Rights. Currently working as an attorney full time, being chairman of the Miami-Dade Democratic Party has been both personally and professionally demanding for him; he plans on leaving by July’s end.

Achievement and Honors

Harry Simeonidis is an esteemed executive at Intelligent Bio Solutions, the company he co-founded. Currently serving as president and CEO, Harry also sits as a non-executive director for Australian pharmaceutical contract sales organization Farmaforce.

He has long been an influential leader within the local Democratic community and regularly volunteers as an attorney for various nonprofits. Additionally, he sits on Miami-Dade’s Commission on Human Rights while also serving as chairman of its Democratic Party.

He assumed his post after former chair Juan Cuba’s resignation in January. Simeonidis defeated Ricky Junquera and Jeffrey Solomon for the chairmanship. While Simeonidis has much to prove in terms of leadership skills and election outcomes in Massachusetts, many elected officials support his presence – his efforts have contributed greatly to Democrats’ recent success across the state.

Personal Life

Steve Simeonidis is an outspoken Democratic who has led the Miami-Dade Democratic Party since February 2019. Additionally, he serves as an attorney at Kelley Kronenberg where his business unit specializes in personal injury protection law and litigation management; prior to that he served as in-house counsel at an insurance company overseeing litigation matters and transactional affairs.

His and Presbytera have three children together; sons Claude and Charlie. Together they enjoy traveling, trying out new recipes and attending concerts together. His hobbies include golf, swimming and jigsaw puzzles. His passions also include spending time with his wife and children as well as helping those in need – believing all people are created in God’s image – serving various ministries throughout his career.

Net Worth

As of 2019, Simeonidis’ net worth has been estimated to be an estimated total of $302,599. He leverages his annual salary of $300,000. As the Pres of Asia Pacific Sales & Marketing at GBS Inc.

On Tuesday, Miami-Dade police officer Daniel Ubeda could face suspension after being photographed wearing a Donald Trump mask at an early voting site while in uniform and the image being tweeted out by Miami-Dade Democratic Party Chairman Steve Simeonidis who called for Ubeda’s immediate removal from duty.

Simeonidis is an attorney by day and party leader by night; in order to stand for reelection in a virtual vote scheduled for Dec. 7, he must face off against three candidates looking to replace him; his main focus will likely be municipal races leading up to 2021.

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