Steve Skipper

Super-Realism Artist Steve Skipper

Skipper was once part of one of America’s most notorious street gangs; but as a teenager he realized God was calling him to pursue art instead.

Now, he is the first African American artist to do sanctioned and officially licensed artwork for NASCAR, University of Alabama, the PGA, PBR and unveilings at MGM Grand Las Vegas and Chelsea Piers New York – his story being chronicled in full-length documentary film called “COLORS OF CHARACTER”.

Early Life and Education

Skipper was raised in Homewood, Alabama. His mother advised him that it would be impossible for an African American artist to make a living as an artist; thus she advised him to find employment and give up any hopes of becoming one.

He found work at Birmingham’s American Cast Iron Pipe Company doing hazardous and exhausting labor, often being too exhausted to paint each night.

Skipper began earning commissions to paint sports scenes, but felt directed by God to do one honoring the Civil Rights movement instead. Though fearful of informing his Crips gang members about it, he eventually did so and it marked the beginning of an end to his involvement with gang life – now his Christian art and Civil Rights commemoratives continue flourishing.

Professional Career

Skipper quickly became an internationally respected artist and his paintings can now be found in every major sports arena as well as the Pro Football Hall of Fame, NCAA Headquarters and in private collector homes worldwide. Skipper experienced his most profound transformation at a church revival service he attended on a dare with the intent to mock its preacher but ended up accepting Jesus Christ and leaving his gang behind.

He is the first African-American artist authorized by the University of Alabama to paint their team, as well as professional athletes and celebrities. Additionally, he has painted religious scenes as well as civil rights commemoratives.

Skipper has both raced and crewed on yachts for more than 12 years. His experiences span Caribbean, Europe and Australian waters; in particular he served as skipper of 55m French yacht Pelagic Australis for two seasons to include tourism visits, skiing excursions, film charters and expeditions to Antarctica Peninsula.

Achievement and Honors

Skipper has used his gift and divine guidance to become one of America’s premier super realism artists. Once an outlaw gang member and drug addict, his rise has been nothing short of incredible – garnering him widespread acclaim with Christian- and sports-themed paintings that have garnered widespread acclaim among his audience.

His work can be found at venues such as the Pro Football Hall of Fame, NCAA headquarters and more. Furthermore, he has created many notable portraits for athletes and celebrities alike.

At first, his life wasn’t changing much until a church revival service that he attended on a dare was his turning point – an experience which revolutionized his lifestyle and saw him turn away from self-destruction for good and pursue a life of spiritual devotion, painting historical commissions about Birmingham Civil Rights movement as soon as soon as painting historical paintings in commission for him to sell on eBay – this transformation can be found in the film Colors of Character.

Personal Life

Skipper overcame many difficulties during his life. Growing up in an unstable family and joining one of America’s largest street gangs – The Crips – when he was 13 was no easy feat. Becoming the enforcer and drug debt collector for the Crips was his job – selling drugs even to his high school football teammates!

One day he received an unexpected visit from a lifeguard he didn’t know who informed him of Christianity. That encounter, combined with God’s call, led him on an entirely different path.

Skipper was the first African-American artist commissioned by Alabama, the NFL and NASCAR to produce artwork that is officially sanctioned for display at all three institutions. Additionally, his pieces can be seen exhibited at U.S. Capitol Gallery, Paul Bryant Museum & Birmingham Civil Rights Institute exhibits as well as NCAA headquarters – inspiring many worldwide with Christian sports art that inspires others worldwide.

Net Worth

Skipper has gained international renown as an artist. His works have been displayed worldwide and in a documentary called Colors of Character; many celebrities and sports figures have purchased or commissioned his pieces for themselves or as gifts for loved ones.

He has worked as an IT professional for more than 23 years, most recently serving as Director of Information Technology at South Georgia Tech. Throughout that time, he has demonstrated his understanding of how rapidly evolving technologies affect both individuals and businesses alike.

He boasts extensive market expertise and regularly consults for High Net Worth Clients, International Real Estate companies and Government Departments. Additionally, he demonstrates great passion for his hometown on the central coast and strives to help local entrepreneurs realize their goals.

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