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Storage Wars Stars – Steve Guttman and Nabila Haniss

Steve Guttman of Storage Wars fame has made a name for himself in the high-end storage business with his facility Storage Deluxe, offering luxury storage services to people seeking to store rare art pieces, couture clothing or other valuable items.

He also serves as Director of JLL’s National Self Storage Team, providing expertise in acquisitions, dispositions and structured financing/equity placement transactions.

Early Life and Education

At an early age, Steve Storage learned the value of hard work. In winter months he would cut and haul in firewood; during the summer he provided lawn care services to local residents. These jobs allowed him to meet people from all backgrounds while broadening his perspective of life around him.

Once Steve Storage graduated from Delancey Street School, he quickly joined The Other Side Academy team as part of its daily operations team, while working on his G.E.D. In his free time he enjoyed spearfishing off Molokai Channel on its east side.

Steve Storage brings over 40 years of management experience to Stor U Self Management Corp, which manages self-storage properties throughout New England.

Professional Career

Steve Storage is a business attorney who assists his clients in resolving complex commercial disputes quickly and efficiently. His expertise in digesting complicated issues quickly helps guide the dispute resolution process towards meeting client goals, typically dealing with litigation related to government contracts, renewable energy projects, or construction projects.

He is known for pioneering management systems used by self storage operators and for conducting property research, market, and viability analyses on properties. In addition, he often speaks at state, regional, and national industry seminars and trade shows.

He currently sits on the Advisory Board for SpareBox Storage in the US. With 23 years of leadership experience encompassing operations, accounting, finance and HR within multiple industries. A recognized team leader, his strong commitment to revenue growth through effective operational strategies as well as championing diversity are hallmarks of excellence for any team leader.

Achievement and Honors

Steve has long been at the forefront of computer storage technology including disk caching and RAID arrays. As an authority in his field, he regularly addresses industry groups. Furthermore, Steve works as both an independent computer consultant and weekly columnist for InfoWorld magazine.

He holds a BA from Pitzer College. Since then he has held multiple executive roles at Storage Deluxe as well as several other business ventures, such as automotive body shop work and new store construction projects. Furthermore, he was actively involved with American Friends of Centre Pompidou Foundation, serving as its Chairman.

David serves as President of Warehouse Anywhere and oversees its operations, technology, business development and account management functions. He believes in prioritizing customer needs first to ensure a positive experience at Pure.

Personal Life

Steve loves reading books about history, politics and economics as well as cycling his bike whenever possible. Additionally, he enjoys attending self storage industry trade shows and contributing to national publications; in fact he founded his own investment firm as well as taking part in professional speaking engagements.

As part of his work, he serves as president of Warehouse Anywhere, an online storage platform offering flexible and secure solutions to businesses across the US. With his team’s focus on long term client relationships, strong business performance, continuous improvement and best practices. He’s also bassist/lead vocalist of The RPM Band (a rock n’ roll cover group). Working closely with partners is something he takes very seriously to ensure their success.

Net Worth

Nabila Haniss has become one of the premier bidders on Storage Wars. However, she didn’t begin bidding through that platform; rather she became well known in her local auctioneer circle years before joining this reality series.

Mellon has completed over $2.0 billion worth of property sales and equity placement transactions for self storage assets. Additionally, he has conducted valuation and value enhancement consulting assignments as well as market analyses, unit mix analyses, inspections, lock checks for clients.

Steve Tisch is estimated to have an estimated net worth of approximately $1.2 billion, due to his family fortune, co-owning of the New York Giants, and earnings as a producer of blockbuster Hollywood films.

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