Steve Stovall

Steve Stovall

Steve Stovall is a college professor and entrepreneur with extensive business experience. He frequently delivers speeches and conducts workshops on various aspects of business such as customer service.

He is running for Stephenson County sheriff to replace retiring Sheriff Dave Snyders and won his Republican primary, defeating Deputy Chief Lamar Hail in the process.

Early Life and Education

Stovall is an esteemed college professor, author, and entrepreneur. He has taught business and management courses as well as published four books in this area. Furthermore, he is a professional speaker presenting on topics including management, sales, customer service, entrepreneurship and human resource management.

He has written for numerous national publications and is recognized as an expert in customer service. Additionally, as a former police officer he received training in hostage rescue, high-risk warrants, street-officer survival and home defense.

Stovall was married for over 30 years. He had two children and several grandchildren whom he enjoyed traveling, sports, music, and attending music events with. A member of Edwards Road Baptist Church in Greenville, he is survived by his mother Gloria Stovall; sister Beth Stovall Byrne of Spartanburg South Carolina with husband Chris Byrne as well as five nieces and nephews.

Professional Career

Stovall boasts both speed and power, which makes him a formidable threat against opposing pitchers. Additionally, his walk rate was impressively high: 15 times in 18 circuit games this year alone!

After 15.5 hours, Stovall had narrowed the field from 2,227 players down to only nine individuals and emerged victorious and earned himself $191,223, which marked his largest tournament pay-out ever.

On Day Two of his teaching experience he began working as an instructor with Collin County Community College District, teaching basic mediation courses to help businessmen and women improve their marketable skills. Additionally, he offers family mediation classes as well as negotiation and conflict management instruction – which has proven immensely popular with his students. Since then he has taken to full-time poker instruction.

Achievement and Honors

Count Stovall is an accomplished author and business leader, having won multiple entrepreneurial awards and being listed in multiple Who’s Who publications. Additionally, he is highly sought-after motivational speaker and platform speaker.

Errol leads all career advancement activities, such as resume writing and interview technique seminars, while providing student athletes with assistance for job and internship placements. In addition, he co-hosts educational career seminars and networking events.

Stovall has served as a sworn deputy with the sheriff’s office since 2014 and hopes to replace retiring Sheriff Dave Snyder, whom he hopes to succeed at the end of this term. Since 1994 he has worked in law enforcement – first at Freeport Police Department as patrol officer, detective, narcotics officer, then with P4 Global LLC providing weapons training courses, hostage rescue solutions and home defense expertise.

Personal Life

Stovall currently serves as Purdue Athletics Director’s assistant athletics director for student-athlete development, managing career advancement activities for Boilermaker athletes as well as working with businesses to provide internship opportunities and employment.

At Southeast Missouri State University, he also teaches management and entrepreneurial courses, providing valuable real-world business insight from his experience founding four companies.

Stovall has successfully represented clients in criminal and civil matters involving securities fraud, bank fraud, wire fraud and obstruction of justice. His experience has taught him the value of mastering every detail of each case while gathering an exceptional team of experts for expert testimony; peeling back conclusory language found in witness statements in order to discover evidence; as well as writing numerous articles related to business.

Net Worth

Stovall is an author and workshop facilitator on business-related subjects, having written four books and led hundreds of workshops for businesses and organizations nationwide. Additionally, he writes regularly for national publications as a columnist, while his customer service research has been used by thousands of colleges and universities around the country.

At least one other case involving the former Celebration Church founders remains outstanding with judges;

Stovall has been an accomplished journalist for three decades and currently anchors WABL-TV’s market-leading 11 News at 6 p.m. and Today programs, as well as their weeknight editions co-anchored by Deborah Weiner and Andre Hepkins. After this weekend, Andre Hepkins will co-anchor alongside Deborah Weiner in taking his place.

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