Steve Swain

Steve Swain

Steve Swain has over three decades of experience working at Brookdale Senior Living Inc as the Chief Financial Officer.

He serves as Research Director on the CSIRO’s “Traits” program, which uses various genetic approaches in wheat to enhance yield potential.

Early Life and Education

Stephen Swain is an artist, designer, and craftsman specializing in steel sculptures. He has designed and constructed numerous local restaurants and buildings, such as Pearl in Wellfleet and Duffy Gardinier’s Tug Boat Shack; additionally, he created the Frying Pan Gallery at Wellfleet Harbor Pier.

Swain was initially one of Lon Fontaine’s “Beige Beaus,” performing with top acts at clubs like Beige Room. Later he transitioned into choreography by leading dance groups such as Co-Op Trio with Peter Green and Ann Henry.

Swain joined Indiana AgrAbility in 2000 primarily due to his desire to connect with the farming community. The assistive technology world takes great pride in the personalized touch he adds to his work when conducting disability and accessibility assessments on farms, homes and businesses.

Professional Career

After leaving Dish Network Corporation, Swain accepted an opportunity with senior care provider Brookdale Inc as regional vice president of operations. His career in senior living dates back over three decades.

Indiana AgrAbility brings him face to face with farmers living with disabilities in their own homes. Together with his team he employs various assistive technologies to assist these individuals; Easterseals Crossroads even presented him with its inaugural AT Champion award! The community has taken note, honoring him with this recognition award.

He works closely with families to identify effective solutions and ensure all family members can participate. He and his team also participate in events to raise awareness and provide support – with their passion firmly focused on enabling people with disabilities to achieve their goals.

Achievement and Honors

Steve is an esteemed steel sculptor, designer, craftsman and boat captain. He is responsible for designing and building some of Cape Cod’s most noteworthy restaurants, homes and businesses while his art has been showcased at numerous shows and galleries.

Swain also acts as Indiana Vocational Rehabilitation Services’ main point-of-contact and provides farmers interested in self-employment with business planning services, while conducting disability and accessibility assessments on farms, homes and businesses.

He is an influential leader within his department and respected by his colleagues. His vision of the goals for the company is clear; employees within his team feel they have room for personal development – an essential factor when it comes to job satisfaction and creating an ideal work culture.

Personal Life

Steve Swain lives on Cape Cod with his wife Sarah and three children. An avid waterman himself, Steve credits his experiences on the ocean with inspiring his metal sculpture work that can be seen adorning Cape Cod Beer tap handles or buildings around town.

He has an avid passion for assistive technology and enjoys seeing how it changes lives. Frequently, farmers report back that working with Indiana AgrAbility lifted their spirits and improved their lives.

He serves on both Operation HOPE’s Board of Trustees and its National Advisory Board; working closely with Market Leaders, Line Leaders, Credit Risk professionals and Operation HOPE counselors to ensure compliance with program guidelines.

Net Worth

American football wide receiver has amassed an estimated net worth of $5 Million. He has played for both Green Bay Packers and Saskatchewan Roughriders; winning Super Bowl XLV while with Green Bay.

Swain has also had experience as a manager at both Grimsby Town and Wigan Athletic, coaching England under-16 team as well as conducting ocean microplastics research with 5 Gyres.

Swain co-founded Centana Growth in 2015 and serves as one of its partners. He brings 26 years of experience to Centana Growth’s management, including over two decades in creating, operating and advising financial services companies. Previous roles he held included President of Global X Management and Executive Advisor at Aquiline Capital Partners–both of which he founded. Additionally, he served on the board of Quantitative Brokers LLC–another Centana portfolio company.

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