Steve Tarpinian

Steve Tarpinian

Steve Tarpinian was widely revered in the triathlon and swim community. He competed, directed, coached, produced clinics and camps as well as authoring multiple books.

Event Power was owned and operated by Eric Weiland who founded several local triathlons on Long Island. Eric loved East End living, regularly giving to various institutions, with his motto being – Beauty Is Balance”.

Early Life and Education

As the sun rose over Foster’s Memorial Beach in Sag Harbor on March 15, Jean Mellano stood behind the start line – something she had done many times before – she knew exactly what lay in store for her and why.

Steve Tarpinian was well-recognized in the triathlon community for his swim coaching abilities. He founded Team Total Training and Event Power as well as publishing several books and DVDs on swim coaching techniques. Steve competed in 18 Ironmans (Hawaii and Lake Placid), inspiring numerous individuals who didn’t believe they had what it took to be triathletes on their path toward becoming successful triathletes.

His triathlon team motto was, “Beauty Is in Balance”. Yet, on the inside he felt deeply conflicted by it all.

Professional Career

Steve Tarpinian was a respected athlete, swim coach, entrepreneur and friend in the triathlon community – nationally and internationally alike. He competed in 18 Ironman-length races while coaching many athletes to reach their goals. Additionally he wrote books and created swim related DVDs.

Total Training was his fitness consulting company of choice and EventPower established several annual triathlons on Long Island that remain popular today. He led by example by compensating race day staff rather than solely using volunteers and encouraging spectators to cheer every finisher with encouragement.

After Steve passed away in 2015, Jean Mellano felt an urge to share their life story through writing the book Slipped Away which chronicles their journey together and all those it touched along the way.

Achievement and Honors

Steve Tarponia died by suicide on March 15, 2015, leaving behind an incredible legacy that extended far beyond triathlon. As a coach, swimmer, entrepreneur, friend and companion; Steve founded EventPower which offers free triathlon entries to students who display honorable character and generous spirit.

He first began triathlon competition in the early 1980s and eventually transitioned into race direction, Team Total Training and Event Power company founding, swim/triathlon clinics and camps production. He became well respected for his expertise on athletic fields.

John used the Mighty Hamptons race and EventPower to introduce many athletes to the thrill of competing in an Olympic-distance triathlon and take pride in accomplishing their race goal. His legacy lives on through the memorial fund set up in his name as well as in our hearts forever.

Personal Life

Steve Tarpinian appeared to have it all: A distinguished swim coach, triathlon competitor and visionary entrepreneur who pioneered triathlon on Long Island.

He coached athletes from beginner to professional levels and competed in 18 Ironman length triathlons. Additionally, he earned a bachelor’s degree from Stony Brook University in Electrical Engineering before working for Grumman as an engineer designing automatic test equipment on F-14 fighter jets.

EventPower was responsible for revitalizing the Mighty Hamptons race from near extinction into one of the region’s leading regional events, while Airborne Tri Team provided veterans suffering depression or posttraumatic stress disorder with assistance. Airborne Tri Team’s motto is “Beauty is in the Balance.” His sudden passing in March 2015 left an indelible mark on triathlon community globally.

Net Worth

Tarpinian was an esteemed athlete and coach who made an indelible mark on many lives through triathlon. From competing as an amateur triathlete to race directoring events to founding Teams Total Training and Event Power to overseeing swim and triathlon clinics and camps he was well known for his expertise and passion in triathlon. Tragically he passed away March 15, 2019, estimated net worth estimated to exceed $3 Million.

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