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Steve is a Marriage and Family Therapist

Steve uses his expertise with anger management to assist couples in working through issues that keep them from building intimacy. He teaches them skills for better communicating and understanding one another’s perspectives in an environment which feels safe.

He has been contracted by numerous Superior Courts across Arizona to provide assessments, expertise and treatment services related to sexual offenders who violate rules 11.2, 26.5 and sexually violent person evaluations.

Early Life and Education

Steve bases his therapy approach on Dialectical Behavior Therapy, an approach which emphasizes mindfulness and nonjudgmental relationships. He creates an accepting therapeutic space where his clients feel safe sharing their thoughts, emotions, and beliefs with him.

He provides counseling services to families, couples, and adolescents in areas including childhood trauma, anxiety and depression, spiritual integration, career/future concerns, grief processing, relationship issues and relationship breakdown.

Steve has an avid interest in sports, working closely with local athletes such as those representing Western Christian High School’s football, track, and cross country teams. Additionally, he works with individuals and families affected by addiction by employing Somatic Experiencing and EMDR techniques for treatment purposes. Steve holds both Marriage and Family Therapist and Somatic Experiencing Practitioner licenses.

Professional Career

Steve draws upon a varied professional background to bring life experience and depth of care into his therapeutic practice. His approach draws upon attachment psychology, human spirituality, mindfulness change strategies to assist clients in reaching their personal, marital and family goals and aspirations.

He is experienced in working with couples experiencing various forms of stress such as anxiety, depression, self-esteem/self-worth issues, loneliness and relationship and intimacy concerns. Furthermore, he has extensive training and experience treating substance abuse and adult/adolescent sexual problems.

Steve was an expert physical therapist specializing in treating high school, college and professional level athletes (cyclists, triathletes, baseball, football and basketball players). His extensive recovery expertise enabled many people to reclaim their lives through the power of recovery; couples were taught practical tools to bridge communication gaps and enhance relationships; Steve holds both Somatic Experiencing Practitioner certification as well as Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy certification.

Achievement and Honors

Steve’s genuine care for people is palpable. His relaxed manner and humorous outlook allow clients of all ages and backgrounds to easily connect with him. Steve possesses the unique ability to view issues from a systems theory viewpoint; this understanding that everyone’s life consists of relationships, stressors, influences, schemas and beliefs that impact one another is evident throughout his sessions with clients.

He specializes in working with those suffering from Parkinson’s disease and has become an LSVT BIG instructor, while helping clients acquire skills needed to overcome depression, anxiety and other mental health disorders. Additionally, he has experience treating chronic illnesses like type 1 diabetes. In addition, he has organized over two dozen yoga for trauma and PTSD retreats.

Personal Life

Steve’s experience with depression, anxiety and childhood trauma has given him great empathy and compassion for those facing similar struggles. He remains dedicated to providing his clients with solutions and helping them heal from these afflictions.

He uses an interactive approach, providing support and practical feedback, to assist his clients in building upon their strengths and achieving personal growth they are committed to achieving.

He specializes in treating adolescents and professional athletes, working with world-class cyclists, runners, triathletes, as well as University of Tennessee football, baseball, basketball and golf players.

He also brings an extensive amount of experience dealing with couples and relationship issues. As someone who recognizes anger as a potentially toxic force in relationships, he’s dedicated to teaching his clients constructive ways of handling it. Additionally, he holds certifications as both Somatic Experiencing Practitioner and EMDR Therapist.

Net Worth

Steve has long been interested in exploring the intersection between psychology, spirituality and ministry which led him to pursue graduate studies in counseling. Since graduating he has worked both as a day treatment center chaplain as well as two veterans affairs systems treating individuals suffering from severe psychiatric disorders as well as substance use disorders.

His clinical work centers around providing services to adult individuals suffering from depression, anxiety, loneliness, isolation & grief & loss. Additionally, he assists with relationships, conflict management & communication skills to boost people’s self-esteem & strengthen self-confidence.

John L. Gable is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor practicing in Chicago & certified as a Family and Divorce Mediator. With offices in Hoffman Estates & Lisle, Illinois – both serving Western & Northwestern suburbs respectively. Additionally he sits on the board for ACBS Chicago Chapter.

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