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Steve Wedeking is an attorney dedicated to seeing that every client receives justice they are due. A graduate of the University of San Diego School of Law, Steve has been practicing for over ten years now.

Early Life and Education

Steve brought an infectious enthusiasm and many ideas with him when joining the Geophysical Lab, as well as technical knowledge necessary for measuring nitrogen isotopes in organic matter. Additionally, his zeal for learning never wavered: both from his coworkers as well as from reading widely about marine science.

He attended law school at University San Diego and graduated in 2004. Since then, he has worked at Wedeking Law – a firm dedicated to Estate Planning & Probate matters – as an attorney.

Lavon was an active farm wife, as well as an attendee of Immanuel United Church of Christ in Clarksville. She is survived by her husband Vern Wedeking; two sons Steve Wedeking and Michael Wedeking; five grandchildren and four great-grandchildren (her parents had previously passed).

Personal Life

As for his personal interests, Wedeking enjoys spending time with his family. Additionally, he loves traveling and listening to metal music; in addition, he enjoys watching films such as Super Troopers and Dirty Harry.

Lavon was an active member of Immanuel United Church of Christ in Clarksville. A hardworking farm wife and mother, she leaves behind husband Vern Wedeking; two sons John Wedeking and Michael Wedeking; as well as 10 grandchildren: Danielle Wedeking, Hannah Wedeking, Matthew Wedeking Mark Wedeking Shawna Diemer Cody Poelaert Jesse Malchow Brittany Poelaert Cole Brunner

Funeral services were held for her at Immanuel United Church of Christ in Clarksville on Tuesday afternoon at 2:00 P.M..

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