Steve Wide

Steve Wide

Steve Wide is an accomplished musician specializing in fiddle and banjo who has performed at several high-profile venues such as Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles. Additionally, his music has been used in films and TV series.

He hosts a popular British music radio show on 3RRR FM and writes books. These titles include A Field Guide to Punk and Post-Punk/New Wave, among many others.

Early Life and Education

Steve Wide is an award-winning author of multiple books. His writing has appeared in publications and organizations like American History magazine, Politico, the Boston Globe and Bill of Rights Institute. Additionally, Steve offers writing workshops for high school students as well as adults interested in writing careers.

At Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, he assisted his parents at the ‘Beerwah Reptile Park’ which housed native wildlife such as lace monitors, tiger snakes, freshwater and saltwater crocodiles as well as many kangaroos cared for by homemade pouches made by his mother for them. He assisted the Queensland government by relocating problem crocodiles as well as conducting snake surveys across its desert regions.

Far & Wide has provided him with the platform to interview countless musicians from Primal Scream to Happy Mondays, Saint Etienne and Jarvis Cocker as well as Johnny Marr. Additionally he has run club nights featuring these acts.

Professional Career

Steve Wide has an expansive professional history. He has been involved with companies like Sanovas Surgical Technologies, Goldsmith Agency and nTAG Interactive; additionally he worked at NBC Studios where he provided makeup and prosthetics services for several films.

Musician John Gleason has written and produced music for syndicated radio, network television and motion pictures; is an accomplished jazz pianist; has collaborated with some of the leading jazz artists; led his own ensembles in Indianapolis; performed alongside them all!

Mr. Mackintosh has designed and constructed several facilities, such as laboratories. His focus has always been sustainable laboratory design; together with Michelle Mackintosh he co-authored various books including Mindfulness Travel Japan which they spend part of each year traveling to Japan together.

Personal Life

Steve Wide is a writer and DJ from Melbourne, Australia. He has hosted legendary indie and retro club nights while interviewing such music icons as Jarvis Cocker, Johnny Marr, Saint Etienne and The Stone Roses. Additionally he presented long running British music radio show Far and Wide and wrote numerous books on pop culture icons like Far and Wide and Tokyo Precincts Kyoto Pocket Precincts.

Steve Wide is married and is raising four children: Peyton, Baylee, Boston and Steve Jr. Together they formed the Steve Smith Family Foundation which offers assistance through educational programs, social-emotional learning opportunities, tutoring services, meal distribution and enrichment opportunities for families in need.

Net Worth

Steve Harvey is one of the richest men in America, boasting an estimated net worth of $200 Million from various entrepreneurial ventures and charitable donations.

He owns several properties in Brentwood, including a $2.4 million house at Center Hill Lake and a 5,000-square-foot condo in Beaver Creek, Colorado. Additionally, he possesses his own plane.

He holds stakes in both the Nashville Predators of the National Hockey League and Sydney Sixers of Big Bash Cricket League, in addition to serving as chairman of Clayton Associates investment firm and holding 5.3 million HealthStream Internet healthcare shares worth $7.7 million that have seen their prices surge over time. Furthermore, Yarbrough Capital serves as his venture capital firm of choice.

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