Steve Wilbourne

Steve Wilbourne – Net Worth, Salary & Income Details

Steve Wilburn works for NRG Energy and holds an A+ employee rating.

Early Life and Education

Steve Wilbourne was born December 4, 1939 in Aliceville, AL to Myree Sanders and Bill Wilbourne and attended Carrolton High School before residing his entire life in Forest, MS where he enjoyed tinkering on old trucks and watching Westerns while attending Methodist church services. Steve leaves behind his wife Kathy; sons Steven Wilbourne of Collinsville MS and Shane Wilbourne from Forest MS as well as daughter Lisa Easterwood of Forest MS as well as 4 grandchildren Lance Price Kayla Price Jake Wilbourne & Ali Beth Wilbourne as well as numerous nieces & nephews from his lifelong residence of Forest Mississippi.

Steve Wilbourne founded Village Academics in 2017 to assist families in shaping the education of their children, both academically and otherwise. A firm believer in the arts’ power to engage students and promote positive behavior, Steve is committed to building Village Academics into a resource for families to use in shaping the education of their children.

Professional Career

Steve Wilbourne is an accomplished and highly experienced professional who has held roles across various fields. He possesses vast knowledge in developing and implementing energy production technologies as well as alternative energy projects, while possessing strong strategic thinking and problem-solving abilities. Additionally, Steve is a strong business leader, having proved his abilities by leading numerous teams from his current company through successful transitions to new ventures and businesses in multiple regions of Australia.

Beginning his financial industry career in 1997, he has successfully passed both Series 65 and 63 exams as well as becoming licensed real estate broker.

He is also an accomplished screenwriter and has written seven feature films; On the Ropes was selected as a quarter finalist in both Maui Screenwriting Competition and Empire Screenplay Contest; it also placed as a semi-finalist at both Script Connection and Illinois Screenwriting Contests. Furthermore, he founded Windy City Images; an organization focused on producing quality feature films.

Achievement and Honors

As a professional writer, Steve Wilbourne has won multiple awards and accolades throughout his career. His scripts have also been recognized as finalists in various screen writing competitions and he is part of various film production companies as a producer.

FirmGreen Inc, a green energy company. He is also an accomplished martial artist, holding Black Belts in both Okinawan Shuri-Te Karate Third Degree and Japanese Shintoyoshin Jiu-Jitsu Sixth Degree – two disciplines which he is actively training in.

Wilbourne has helped several student-athletes at Duke achieve All-ACC and All-American honors during his time there, including Madison Heath, Laura Marty and Erin Marsh who received All-ACC Indoor First Team honors in pole vault and earned bronze medals in pentathlon at ACC Indoor Championships respectively in 2018.

Personal Life

Steve Wilbourne is an accomplished businessman. He co-founded FirmGreen, which provides green technology solutions to large commercial and industrial customers, while serving as pastor of Core Church Los Angeles; both projects are growing quickly.

He loves fishing and hunting as hobbies in his free time and spending quality time with family and friends. Additionally, he’s an avid country music listener and passionate about antique farm equipment and mills. Lisa Easterwood, Steven Wilbourne and Shane Wilbourne are his three children.

Wilbourne found inspiration for his business while managing high-wealth investments for a financial firm. While working there, he observed that many employees struggle to manage their personal finances effectively – something which causes stress at work and leads to higher turnover rates.

Net Worth

Steve Wilburn is a renowned American Football player estimated to have an estimated net worth between $1-5 Million. His wealth was earned as a professional American Football player.

He owns over 12 properties and 5 cars. His personal life remains private and there are no details regarding his relationships or status available publicly.

He has an endearing and understated demeanor; his passion lies with detail and organization. Known for his charitable giving and having donated to various causes. Additionally, he serves as Pastor at Core Church Los Angeles which has experienced rapid growth under his guidance, with sermons regularly heard across radio stations five to seven days each week that engage and challenge its congregation.

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