Steve Wildman

Steve Wildman

Steve Wildman’s humor and belief in humanity transcended racial barriers. He provided black comedy with a refreshing new viewpoint.

Professor Steven S. Wildman is a senior fellow with Silicon Flatirons and director of the Quello Center. His expertise lies in economic analysis of communication industries and technologies.

Early Life and Education

At a time when comedians were often subject to censorship for using profanity and the concept of black comedy was taboo, Wildman Steve pioneered modern mainstream black comedy through recordings and appearances in several movies.

Mr. James also distinguished himself as a promoter and Master of Ceremonies, adding flare to Miami’s entertainment scene at nightclubs such as Basin Street South and Mr. James. While walking with royalty, he always maintained an accessible demeanor.

At present, he hosts a weekly radio program, “Call of the Wild”, on KARN (Kaiser Antenna Radio Network), the flagship station for News Radio in Arizona and one of its largest broadcasters. His show covers various subjects related to hunting, fishing and wildlife conservation every Saturday morning at 6 am – check it out now!

Professional Career

Steve Wildman has an extensive career of entertaining and educating. From radio to promoter and MC duties to working in music and acting roles he is no stranger to entertaining and informing. His sense of humor transcends racial barriers with each project he undertakes.

Knowledgeable but never arrogant, this guide has an impressive array of experiences to draw upon to provide tours for various groups. He understands their needs as individuals.

He has led tours in Forest Park for seven or eight years, also taking groups to other parks in Connecticut, New Jersey and upstate New York. Additionally, he wrote a guide book about foraging published by Falcon Guides; in addition, his hobbies include astronomy and playing the rare instrument called brillophone.

Achievement and Honors

Wildman has received many prestigious honors. While at Utah State, he earned three consecutive Academic All-Mountain West awards as well as CoSIDA Academic All-District VIII honors. Additionally, Wildman was the recipient of March of Dimes’ Basil O’Connor Starter Scholar Research Award and two CoSIDA Academic All-District VIII awards.

Some years back, Brill proved his value to the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission through a small gesture at a public meeting. When people began signing up to comment on hunting regulations that had recently come into force, it quickly became evident that crowd was becoming rowdy. Brill stepped in quickly to calm things down; helping one man out of his seat, leading him directly to the podium and then introducing them by name, deed and reputation was enough to save the meeting from going off track.

Personal Life

Seven or eight years ago, Wildman Steve made an indelible mark at an Arkansas Game and Fish Commission public meeting where public comments on proposed hunting regulations were being accepted. One small gesture during that public gathering exemplified his value to the Commission.

Dr. Jonathan Wolf has taught children and adults alike the benefits of foraging, including field garlic for hypertension relief, sassafras tree roots (used to make root beer), and common plantain (which helps soothe mosquito bites and poison ivy). Additionally, he’s written several books about foraging such as “Identifying and Harvesting Edible and Medicinal Plants in Wild (and Not-So-Wild) Places.”

Alongside his foraging work, he’s also a Research Fellow with Silicon Flatirons Center, Professor, and J.H. Quello Chair in Telecommunication Studies at Michigan State University; former director of Quello Center for Telecommunication Management and Law;

Net Worth

Steve Wildman does not make his net worth public, yet is an accomplished professional wrestler with hundreds of matches under his belt and serving as both assistant coach at Stanford University’s wrestling program and instructor for youth mentoring programs.

He is also an accomplished entertainer and promoter, leading successful worldwide revues with stars like Rudy Ray Moore and Millie Jackson as headliners. Additionally, he has shared the stage with some notable names such as Nat King Cole, Otis Redding, and Fred Sanford.

Seven or eight years ago, Steve “Wildman” Wilson showed the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission (AGFC) just how valuable he is through one small gesture at a public meeting where they were seeking public feedback on several contentious hunting regulations.

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