Steven Ceraso

Steven Ceraso – Artist and Woodworker

Steven Ceraso is a professional artist and woodworker residing in Bay Shore NY. His sculptural pieces combine recycled materials with hand-crafted forms. Additionally, he provides technical instruction courses as well as private technical lessons. Steven has displayed his works at Fountain Art Fair, Williamsburg Art Walks, and The Parrish Museum among others.

Unfortunately, Professor Steven was not reappointed due to budgetary concerns this year and this leaves an empty spot in the Art department.

Early Life and Education

Steven Ceraso was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in psychology before enrolling at dental school at the same institution to obtain his Doctorate in Dental Medicine degree (DMD).

As a hobby, he enjoys golfing and playing racquetball in his free time. Additionally, he gives back to the community by working with St. Joseph of the Pines to run a mobile free dental clinic in Moore County.

Unfortunately, due to budgetary reasons he was not renewed for this year – this decision left a substantial hole in LIU CWP’s arts curriculum and caused great disappointment amongst students.

Professional Career

Steven Ceraso is a highly accomplished sculptor and fine artist specializing in mixed media works that incorporate recycled materials with hand-crafted forms. He has shown at Fountain Art Fair, Williamsburg Art Walks and The Parrish Museum; additionally teaching classes at 3rd Ward Brooklyn, Long Island University and The New York Studio School.

Community Groundwork, his non-profit, provides training and mentorship programs for community college students interested in working on government advocacy political campaigns. Their aim is to bridge the gap between two-year community colleges and four-year schools.

He has run for Claremont City Council twice and managed down-ballot elections across the country, working on presidential campaigns such as Pete Buttigieg’s. Additionally, he co-founded and remains involved with Winning Margins Public Relations firm.

Achievement and Honors

Steven Ceraso is an accomplished artist whose sculptures combine repurposed materials with handcrafted forms. His pieces have been featured at several exhibitions such as Fountain Art Fair and Williamsburg Art Walks, while he taught and developed the Continuing Ed Woodworking program at Fashion Institute of Technology.

Community Groundwork, founded by Hertzler and Lizeth Hernandez as their inaugural project, offers training, mentoring programs, networking opportunities and financial resources to two-year community college students interested in working on government advocacy campaigns but without access to staff or funding available at four-year universities. One graduate, Lizeth Hernandez currently works at Winning Margins before planning on running for office later.

Pitzer annually recognizes alumni who exemplify its core values through their careers and communities, with this year being Ceraso receiving the 2022 Distinguished Alumni Award.

Personal Life

Steven Ceraso lives with his wife in Pinehurst, North Carolina with their three children. Steven spends much of his free time volunteering for Moore County’s free dental clinic as well as managing down-ballot campaigns for presidential candidates.

He is an accomplished fine artist and woodworker whose sculpture combines recycled materials with hand-crafted forms. He has taught and exhibited his work at 3rd Ward Brooklyn, Long Island University, New York Studio School and Parsons School of Design.

Recalled from LIU CW Post’s faculty for budgetary reasons, leaving an empty spot in its art curriculum. He is an inspirational teacher who cares deeply for his students – therefore his reinstatement should be prioritized.

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