Steven Chasteen

Steven Chasteen

He was found guilty in April 1979 for the rape and murder of Marsh employee Terry Chasteen as well as her children Misty Zollers, 5, Steven Chasteen, 4, and Mark Chasteen, 2. On June 30, 2021 he was put to death in an electric chair.

Judy testified that when he encountered the children and their mother driving on Interstate-465, he pretended to be a Good Samaritan by disabling their vehicle by disconnecting coil wires.

Early Life and Education

Steven Chasteen was born in Dayton, Ohio on February 1, 1964 to Carl and Judith Chasteen and attended various schools before graduating from Ware Shoals High School. Additionally, he earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration.

On April 28, 1979, Terry Lee Chasteen and her three children were on their way to their babysitter’s house before heading into work as produce clerk at a grocery store when one of her tires became loose and she pulled over when Judy signaled for her to stop. Judy then pretended to be an aid provider before disabling their vehicle before leading them and their children into an isolated location where he raped Terry Lee Chasteen before strangling them all.

Professional Career

Steven is a fire/arson investigation trainer for the University of Illinois, providing instruction to firefighters, police officers and insurance company representatives as well as providing training for various departments within the US military.

On April 28, 1979, 24-year-old Steven Judy stopped Terry Chasteen and offered her and her children a ride. Terry accepted and less than an hour later mushroom hunters discovered Chasteen’s body alongside those of Misty Zollers (aged 5), Steven (aged 4) and Mark (2), near State Road 67 in Morgan County.

Steve Chasteen has been married twice and is father to two daughters, as per public records. He has lived in several states before settling down in Brookville, Ohio where his hobbies include fishing and guitar playing.

Achievement and Honors

Steven Dale Chasteen, 69 years old and an Army veteran. Retiring from Miami Valley Paper after 22 years and becoming an avid Cleveland Browns and UK Wildcats supporter. Steven adored his family as well as four fur babies; in Carlisle.

Chasteen announced on his political page on April 19 that he was resigning as county commissioner of District Two. He wrote to Governor Kevin Stitt and allowed 30 days for him to call a special election to fill his position.

Drury University has long been part of Steve Stillwell and Tina Chasteen’s families’ lives, while serving as an invaluable institution. We thank them both for all they contribute to this wonderful institution!

Personal Life

Go Ministries International. He held a longstanding ministry of bible study at Morgan County Jail. Additionally, he frequently consults with law enforcement agencies and insurance companies regarding fire scene analysis.

On April 28, 1979, mushroom hunters discovered a naked woman floating in White Lick Creek outside Indianapolis, Indiana who had been strangled and drowned, along with two children who had also perished. She was identified as 23-year-old Terry Chasteen while 22-year-old Steven Judy is suspected of attacking her as part of his good Samaritan efforts: telling Chasteen his truck had broken down so they would help. When he disabled Chasteen’s car by disabling its ignition coil wire he then took her and her children away to an undisclosed location where he dumped them before taking off his own.

He leaves behind his wife Shirley Butler Chasteen, sons Steven and Richard of Honea Path; five grandchildren; seven great-grandchildren; sister Sue Leighton of Mountain Grove; as well as grand dog Black Magic he had previously owned. Unfortunately he was predeceased by both of his parents as well as one brother.

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