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Personal Life of Steven Cimini

Rehab Addict host Nicole Curtis leads an extraordinary life outside the world of Rehab Addict. She is mother to Ethan and Harper; Ethan was born during her relationship with Steven Cimini while Harper arrived with Shane Maguire later that same year.

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Early Life and Education

Steven Cimini is a New York-based artist whose works focus on exploring symmetrical balance through geometric forms, patterns and structures derived from architectural sources. His approach is contemplative with an emphasis on balance and harmony.

Nicole Curtis of Rehab Addict gave birth to Cimini when she was only 20; unfortunately he missed his son’s birth due to being imprisoned on a DUI manslaughter conviction and an ongoing legal battle over custody and support issues ensued between them; eventually Cimini moved out west while Nicole’s mother took responsibility for raising Ethan.

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Professional Career

Steven Cimini was a professional businessman and sports media personality, most notable as a New York Jets reporter, cable show host, teaching at Suffolk County Community College, and guest speaking for Port Jefferson High School sports history classes.

Curtis reportedly had several relationships during her time on the show. She gave birth to Ethan with Steve Cimini before later welcoming Harper with Shane Maguire.

She initially battled Cimini for custody of both children, but lost the case. Later she reached an agreement with Maguire and now shares joint physical and legal custody of Harper with Maguire. Ethan left home at 15 to live with his father in California.

Achievement and Honors

Cimini has earned numerous awards for his research, such as a Humboldt Research Award, 2014 IEEE Leonard G. Abraham Prize, 2015 IEEE ComSoc Young Author Best Paper Award and 2016 IEEE Heinrich Hertz Prize Paper Award from Virginia Tech as well as Clarivate Analytics Highly-Cited Researchers status and has served as TPC Co-Chair at multiple international conferences.

The 38th annual Artios Awards, organized by the Casting Society of America (CSA), took place simultaneously in Los Angeles, New York and London on March 18th 2019. Hosted by Yvette Nicole Brown for Los Angeles while Amber Ruffin took charge for New York and London respectively; winners included Marcel the Shell With Shoes On, Fabelmans and Banshees of Inisherin as winners.

Personal Life

Nicole Curtis of Rehab Addict is an expert home designer. Additionally, she recently became a mother with Steve Cimini (ex-partner). They share Ethan.

After years of legal wrangling over custody issues, Nicole and Shane Maguire ultimately divorced after an intense legal battle for custody lasted nearly 10 years. Following their separation, Nicole briefly dated Shane Maguire until their custody agreement expired; unfortunately however, their relationship didn’t last long after that point.

Although Nicole is actively engaging on social media, she remains guarded when discussing her personal life and dating situation. Fans have often speculated whether Nicole has anyone in her life now; or was previously married to Steven Cimini, her childhood friend whom they had one son together named Ethan who later moved out west with his father.

Net Worth

After his career as a sportswriter, Cimino transitioned into screenwriting. He co-wrote and directed Thunderbolt and Lightfoot, featuring Clint Eastwood as a Korean War veteran who takes under his wing a young drifter; later rewrote Magnum Force screenplay by Eastwood; co-wrote The Deer Hunter script; earning himself an Academy Award nomination as Best Screenwriter.

Curtis gave birth to Ethan in 1996 while Steve Cimini, Ethan’s father, was imprisoned at the time and missed his first birthday. Curtis and Cimini tried raising their son together but their custody battle went on for fifteen years.

Nicole Curtis has earned an impeccable reputation as a home improvement expert, particularly with regard to renovating historic homes. She currently appears on DIY Network/HGTV reality show Rehab Addict as she restores vintage houses. Nicole also launched a line of home renovation tools such as paint sprayers and stud finders, further expanding her expertise.

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