Steven Colby

Steven Colby

Steven Colby is an agent with Watson & Associates, Weichert in Goodland, Kansas who specializes in residential properties.

He strongly believes that missions activities provide North Americans with an empathetic awareness of global realities, and has led teams of students on collaborative cross-cultural missions experiences.

Early Life and Education

Steve Colby attended Roxbury Latin High School where he excelled at both football and basketball, serving on both boards: Pugh Center Board and Colby Fund Student Caller / Student Caller respectively. Furthermore, Steve interned at Raytheon during this time.

Colby joined the CIA shortly after World War II and quickly progressed through various positions within it, such as Saigon chief of station, Soviet division head and director of US/South Vietnamese rural pacification effort CORDS. Later he served as director of central intelligence when he adopted an open policy regarding intelligence activities with respect to Senate Church Committee and House Pike Committee hearings.

Surviving are his wife Twila, son Xzaren and many friends and family. His generosity was an example to all.

Professional Career

Steven Colby is an award-winning cinematographer with more than two decades of experience. His work can be seen in films and commercials across various platforms; both domestically and abroad. Steven has led various projects shot both domestically and abroad for major clients like Norwegian Cruise Line, Coca-Cola and Bank of America.

Mr. Anderson has served as Parks Director for Anacortes City and special operations manager for Skagit County over six years respectively, in addition to officiating high school and college basketball games for over 40 years.

He is survived by his wife Stacy of Goodland, son Xavier of Hays and three siblings: Scott from Layton, Utah, Shawn (and Melissa) in Manhattan Kansas and Stacey of Smith Center Kansas.

Achievement and Honors

Mansfield Senior High School football and bowling team. He interned at John Wiley & Sons before serving on the Northwest Education Service District Board of Directors for 31 years.

Artist and teacher at SAW (Studio for Arts and Works). Working to push forward clay traditions while maintaining respect for history.

His relationship with Fallon is warm and supportive; regardless of her sassy behaviour, he always does his best to assist her. In particular, when Blake tried to kick her out of a football party – an indicator of their strong friendship; furthermore he provided support following her kidnap as well as being an outstanding family man who loves spending time with his children.

Personal Life

Steven Colby worked as a welder for Exxon/ Areva NP. He enjoyed spending time with his large extended family, bowling and stock car racing. A member of Artstream Nomadic Gallery in Richland, Washington; Steven also exhibited nationally and internationally.

On November 30th 2018, Colby was sentenced to 50 years in prison and won’t be eligible for parole until 2025. Colby accepted responsibility for his actions but downplayed their severity; Judge Allison disagreed; stating he had caused significant harm in the community while underestimating the seriousness of his crimes; further adding he posed a danger to society due to his long history of violent behavior.

Net Worth

After his military service, Colby graduated from Columbia Law School and practiced with William J. Donovan’s New York firm before later becoming a partner at a D.C. law firm and specialising in public policy matters pertaining to intelligence.

He served for two and a half tumultuous years as Director of Central Intelligence, under pressure from Congress – led by Henry Kissinger – adopting an openness policy with regard to intelligence activities for both Senate Church Committee and House Pike Committee hearings.

He and his wife are proud parents to five children. He owns multiple properties across the U.S. and is also an accomplished freestyle skier, participating in many competitions and winning numerous awards for freestyle skiing.

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