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Steven Cowles on The Mole

Steven Cowles, MD is a specialist in Obstetrics & Gynecology who currently practices at Valley Women’s Health-Provo and is affiliated with Timpanogos Regional Hospital.

He has co-written and sponsored multiple bills aimed at budget process reform, the prohibition of text messaging while driving and access to employment records for law enforcement candidates.

Early Life and Education

Cowles, who works for the University of Colorado police department, managed to remain anonymous during his 28 days travelling around Europe with The Mole contestants. He credits a $10 million confidentiality contract he signed with the show as the reason behind this success; yet keeping his identity a secret wasn’t easy!

He excelled in both anthropology and education for over 50 years. His work defied categorization, from exploring structured diversity in a small Midwest town to family dynamics studies, suburban high school education research and global humanism studies.

Dr. Steven Cowles earned his medical degree at Texas Tech University Health Science Center and currently practices at Valley Women’s Health – Provo affiliated with Timpanogos Regional Hospital, accepting multiple insurance plans.

Professional Career

Steven Cowles, who currently works for the University of Colorado police department when not out chasing The Mole through Europe, credits his undercover experience for developing an ability to recognize people who may not be what they seem – something which was invaluable when trying to identify saboteurs in The Mole case.

Experience in working with people of various backgrounds was essential in successfully navigating the social dynamics of the show, where he could read other contestants’ body language and verbal cues to determine who the mole was.

His family includes Kristen Twardzik and Angela Hill of Amsterdam, New York as well as grandchildren Daisie and Triton Twardzik; Nancy Rattazzi and Jeanie-Marie Cowles both living in Hagaman New York. Additionally he leaves behind numerous cousins, nieces and nephews.

Achievement and Honors

Cowles has written and sponsored multiple bills including budget process reform, text messaging while driving ban, accessing employment records for law enforcement candidates and accessing employment records for law enforcement candidates. She has also contributed articles and reviews for history and education journals.

At Western, she earned the Sun Belt Coach of the Year honor and led the Lady Toppers to several NCAA Tournament appearances as well as winning two championship titles.

She successfully maneuvered other players on the show to keep her identity hidden for four months. Utilizing her resourcefulness, she created a fake production notebook test designed to eliminate her competition by showing that she wasn’t their mole. Furthermore, she played several pranks to distract players and ensure her own survival during each episode of the competition.

Personal Life

Cowles credits his police work with his success on the show, noting how it taught him how to read body language and other verbal cues more easily. Furthermore, undercover work enhanced his resourcefulness which proved instrumental during challenges encountered on set.

He is married to Angela and has three children: Kristen Twardzik of Tribes Hill with husband Tim; Jeanie Hill from Galway with Jesse as her partner; and Kevin Cowles who lives in Amsterdam. Additionally he has numerous grandchildren and nieces.

He is currently accepting new patients and accepts multiple insurance plans, is affiliated with Timpanogos Regional Hospital, board-certified in Obstetrics & Gynecology and practices out of his office in Provo, Utah. Specializing in Abnormal Uterine Bleeding and Adenomyosis treatment with exceptional patient reviews for success he has earned his patients’ gratitude and their trust.

Net Worth

He possesses a net worth of $500,000 and serves as controller of his company, overseeing accounting policies and procedures, tax filing compliance and payroll shared services. Additionally, he serves on several mayoral-commission volunteer committees in Spokane as a certified public accountant.

At trial, Adams testified that he had found no evidence that Cowles intentionally participated in insurance fraud or avoided taxes in China; however, he discovered he took extraordinary measures to hide his activities with Apollo; this included creating invoices for Dong Nan and sending emails from Jackie Lu and Ginger Chan that contained profanities directed towards Adams. Furthermore, Cowles maintained multiple bank accounts, such as Aloha Best and SK Seafood respectively.

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