Steven Gall

Steven Gall

Steven Gall is currently employed in the sports industry as Assistant Director of Event Management and Sport Communication for Bend Elks baseball team of West Coast League. Prior to this role, he previously held positions with them.

Gall and Kimbrough decisions by the Supreme Court have illustrated that sentencing guidelines may not have the impact they once anticipated, however this still poses the question: just how dramatic an effect will these cases have on district-court sentencing outcomes.

Early Life and Education

Steven Gall grew up in Evergreen, Alabama as an outstanding athlete. He attended Sparta Academy before receiving a full scholarship to Huntingdon College where he graduated with honors. Following this, Steven pursued further study at Troy University, earning both his B.S. degrees in Kinesiology and Biology.

As well as his real estate business, he is involved in various charitable and community organizations. Additionally, he enjoys fishing and sports – particularly baseball! Together with Lauren, they own two Maltese dogs.

Judge Daniel Gall is currently the judge for Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas General Division. He was elected during a general election held November 8, 2016 and serves his current term until January 1, 2029; he belongs to the Democratic Party and can be reached via his website here.

Professional Career

Steven Gall was an integral figure in Australian sport from the late 1970s through early 1980s when Supercross events first started to be hosted, winning most of the earliest National Supercross races as well as more traditional State and Australian Motocross Championships. Additionally, Gall was instrumental in pioneering Dirt Track racing within Australia.

Gall’s duals with teammate Anthony Gunter were epic; together they won four Mr MX titles each during this era. Following his move to the United States for one year, Gall became more focused on his fitness, training and technique, leading to major gains in results.

Gall is currently overseeing USA Properties Fund’s land and existing apartment community acquisition activities. He lives in Wisconsin with his wife Lauren and their two Maltese dogs.

Achievement and Honors

At one point during the early eighties, Gall was Australia’s premier motocross rider, winning four consecutive Australian Motocross Championship Series races in succession. Additionally he enjoyed racing Supercross, desert racing, and speedway cars.

His 1984 victory at the Trophee Des Nations race in Varberg, Sweden was an extraordinary personal triumph as well. Teaming with early mentor Len Williamson in this inaugural World Motocross Team competition proved pivotal.

Judith Gall and Ira are active members of St. Louis Jewish community and have served on a number of boards such as the Jewish Federation of St. Louis, Holocaust Museum and Learning Center and St. Louis Jewish Book Festival. Additionally, they were honored co-chairs for a fundraiser that helped fund construction of Miriam School gymnasium.

Personal Life

Gall amassed over 30 state motocross championships during his long career and went on to compete in desert racing, supercross events and later speedway cars racing events. Yamaha remains his ride of choice today.

In 1979, Gall came close to winning the Mr. MX title after leading up until the final round at Amaroo Park in Sydney; however he was ultimately edged out by Gunter “nicknamed Grunt”, who managed to secure a factory Suzuki bike as his prize.

Gall presently spends his free time with Lauren, Features Editor of Destin Magazine; their two maltese dogs Max and Wrigley; running his successful real estate business; as well as enjoying various outdoor activities – particularly watching his favorite teams compete. He is an avid sports fan.

Net Worth

Steven Gall enjoys a successful real estate career at Florida’s largest independently-owned firm, where he specializes in residential and luxury properties. Married to Destin Magazine Features Editor Jessica Gregorek and father to two Maltese dogs named Bella & Bo, Steven enjoys sports, fishing and boating activities in his free time.

He boasts an extensive resume that features classics such as Schindler’s List, A.I Artificial Intelligence and Minority Report as directing credits, while also producing Indiana Jones movies and the Men in Black franchise.

Michel Berger and Gall entered into an agreement that allowed one to remain at home to care for Pauline, their daughter with cystic fibrosis. To maximize donations to research efforts. They kept her condition from public knowledge in hopes of raising enough funds.

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