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Steven Gallegos – America’s Reinvention Expert

Steven Gallegos is an experienced nurse working at multiple correctional facilities in Colorado. Additionally, he is an internationally acclaimed published author and speaker known for his ability to solve problems quickly while communicating effectively.

Torres and defendant both claimed that the boy’s injuries stemmed from falling into toys and hitting his head, yet a medical examiner discovered discrepancies between their claims and reality.

Early Life and Education

Steven Gallegos is a family nurse practitioner who specializes in geriatric care. A graduate from University of Wisconsin and Community College of Denver, Steven works out of Las Animas, Colorado.

He is married with two children. In his free time he enjoys woodcarving and leather working – hobbies which he practices actively – in the Navajo Nation as an active member. Furthermore, he holds an avid interest in Native American history.

Gallegos was an award-winning high school student at Foy H. Moody and was part of both state championship teams for football and track, playing under Corky Gallegos who was head coach for Foy Trojans at that time. A Louisville Slugger All-American himself, Gallegos also boasts an extensive collection of sports memorabilia including being an avid supporter of Los Angeles Dodgers baseball team.

Professional Career

Gallegos is widely recognized as “America’s Ambassador on Success.” He trains, writes and speaks internationally on personal development and communication topics ranging from U.S. Marine Sergeant training and law enforcement officer lessons to his real world experience as an artist (Singer Songwriter/Recording Artist), board certified civil trial lawyer, commercial photographer, published commercial photographer and internet start-up entrepreneur. His educational and inspiring talks (offered both in English and Spanish) support executives, entrepreneurs and business owners to achieve even greater self-mastery, communication skill and relationship mastery – three fundamental pillars that constitute ALL personal and professional success!

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Achievement and Honors

Gallegos manages 30 fire dispatchers for MetroNet, an eight-agency joint powers authority housed within Anaheim Fire & Rescue headquarters. He also races bikes as a hobby; something he began doing as an outlet during high school athletics to escape his otherwise sedentary job.

One of his toughest challenges has been working towards his 10 year goal: riding to all four corners of the United States. Already, he’s accomplished some legs of this journey including Solvang Double Century and Silver State 508-miler rides.

As an internationally recognized speaker, trainer, and author Steve Gallegos leverages his extensive knowledge to transform lives around the globe. His approach to personal development and communication draws upon his diverse experiences as a U.S. Marine Sergeant, Law Enforcement Officer, singer-songwriter and commercial photographer.

Personal Life

Steve Gallegos was a compassionate son, brother, uncle, friend and mentor who truly cared about everyone he encountered. His greatest passion in life was making a positive difference in children’s lives.

He achieved this through both his work and family ties. As founder of The Inner Animal and instructor for workshops redefining deep imagination all around the globe.

Garcia provided evidence to police of a phone conversation she had with Gallegos six months after the shooting; according to Garcia, Gallegos claimed responsibility because he believed the victims belonged to an opposing gang and were carrying out an attempted “drop off” and “walk-by” shooting. Police later collected photographs of BST members; Garcia recognized Gallegos from amongst the lineup.

Net Worth

Gallegos has earned himself the reputation as America’s Reinvention Expert due to his varied experiences. These include serving in the US Marine Corps as a Sergeant, Law Enforcement Officer, Singer-Songwriter/Recording Artist, Board Certified Civil Trial Lawyer and Published Commercial Photographer – honing his expertise in both areas of personal development and communication.

Evidence presented during trial supports a conclusion that Gallegos breached his fiduciary duties by failing to disclose information material to an accurate valuation of GLF shares during a buy-out transaction. His duty was defined under law and facts presented at trial as fulfilling compliance with any valuation formula set forth in their shareholder agreement, or full and fair disclosure of any deviation from it and any reasons behind them.

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