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Angela Ganote – Emmy Award-Winning News Anchor

James Burkhart, his brother Joshua and friend Steven Ganote allegedly used American Senior Communities vendors to illegally collect millions in kickbacks from nursing homes operated by ASC, then used this money to fund an extravagant lifestyle that included vacation homes at Lake Wawasee in Indiana and Marco Island in Florida, golf junkets and even private planes.

Early Life and Education

Angela Ganote was born in Brownsburg, Indiana to Paul and Donna Ganote and currently works at Fox 59 News Anchor in Indianapolis as an Emmy Award-winning News Anchor; previously she worked at WCMH Columbus; WLFI Lafayette; and WSBT South Bend.

She has two siblings – Steven Ganote and Erica Wojtalik-Bucman- both active members of their respective communities, whom she considers family. Erica Wojtalik-Bucman- has participated in multiple charity events as an active community member.

On Monday, Steven Ganote was given five years in prison for his part in a $19 million fraud, kickback, and money-laundering scheme at American Senior Communities (ASC), one of California’s largest nursing home chains. A federal judge also sentenced James Burkhart, former CEO of ASC, to nearly 10 years of incarceration while Daniel Benson (former COO), more than 57 months.

Professional Career

Angela Ganote, Emmy award-winning News Anchor at FOX 59 news network in Indianapolis, Indiana for over two decades has covered various topics within her career as an anchorwoman.

She has worked at several radio stations including WLFI in Lafayette, WSBT in South Bend and WCMH in Columbus Ohio – each providing unique insight into life in Indianapolis.

U.S. Attorney Josh Minkler on Wednesday brought charges against James Burkhart, his COO Daniel Benson, and associate Steven Ganote for their alleged roles in a $16 Million fraud, kickback, and money-laundering scheme involving shell companies used to launder millions into their pockets via luxury vacations, private plane flights, golf trips, jewelry purchases, gold bullion bullion coins and casino chips.

Achievement and Honors

Angela Ganote has achieved great success in her journalism career and her hard work is evident through the awards she has garnered. Beginning as a television journalist with WLFI-TV 18 in Lafayette and later moving onto WSBT South Bend and WTHR 13 Columbus Indiana she also worked as a meteorologist in Sacramento California.

In 2015, she helped make public the story of a woman who found out she had seven biological siblings through an at-home DNA test; this served as the basis of Netflix’s true-crime series Our Father.

James Burkhart, Daniel Benson and Ganote were indicted for conspiracy to commit mail, wire, healthcare and securities fraud; conspiracy to violate the anti-kickback statute; and money laundering. Each pled guilty to one count each.

Personal Life

Angela Ganote is an Emmy award winning news anchor at Fox 59 known for her hard work and dedication towards her job. Married and the mother of two, Angela currently resides with her family in North Salem Indiana with her spouse.

Her parents are Paul and Donna Ganote and she has an extremely close bond with both. She often features them on social media.

Steven Ganote was once CEO of American Senior Communities but became embroiled in $19 million worth of kickback schemes involving Indiana nursing homes, receiving almost 10 years in prison as a result. ASC COO Daniel Benson and Joshua Burkhart’s younger brother all plead guilty to conspiracy charges related to mail, wire and healthcare fraud along with money laundering.

Net Worth

She currently serves as anchor at FOX 59 Indianapolis news channel and has earned four Emmy awards for reporting significant stories of people that matter. Prior to FOX 59 she also held anchor positions with WLFI Lafayette, WSBT South Bend, and WCMH Columbus Ohio news channels.

Ashlyn and Brock Ganote keep her busy with travel sports activities, while Bradd DeBello Ganote hailing from Pennsylvania has been her husband since 21 September 2002.

She was one of the first reporters to expose Cline’s business practices and her long-term abuse of patients. Her heroic reporting earned her numerous accolades; many consider her an inspiration. To top it all off, she won four Emmy awards for reporting significant stories on people that mattered.

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