Steven Greer Net Worth

Greer is an Ufologist specializing in extraterrestrial life forms. He has written several books and documentary films on these creatures as well as providing training programs and workshops.

He is a former emergency room doctor and currently specializes in UFO disclosure and exodiplomacy, advocating for zero-point energy to benefit humanity.

Early Life and Education

Greer was raised as an Army brat and has long been passionate about life-long learning. He holds both an undergraduate degree from Appalachian State University’s Biology department as well as an M.D from East Tennessee State’s James H. Quillen College of Medicine.

Before dedicating himself to ufology, Dr. Pryor worked for nine years as an emergency room physician. He founded The Disclosure Project and CSETI – two organizations which advocate communication with extraterrestrial intelligence – while advocating for research of advanced energy technologies.

His work has brought awareness of aliens and government secrecy, with witness testimonies supporting his claims and supporting documents proving them. His research and documentaries can be found through websites, online bookstores, streaming platforms etc.

Professional Career

Greer has amassed an enormous fortune through his extensive work in UFO research and disclosure, including authoring books and hosting lectures and workshops worldwide. Additionally, he owns numerous businesses as well as making various investments.

He is the founder of CSETI and The Disclosure Project, which seeks to disclose classified UFO information. Through his efforts he has managed to secure high-level testimony from government and military officials.

He claims in his book to have documented evidence of alien contact and interaction between humans and aliens, such as over 3,000 pilot sightings and proof of landing traces. Furthermore, he has devised a protocol for initiating communication between humans and UFOs; and collaborates with The Orion Project which seeks to develop advanced energy technologies.

Achievement and Honors

Greer has helped found Camillus Health Concern and Saint John Bosco healthcare facilities that serve homeless individuals in Miami. Additionally, he serves on both RAND Corporation’s Board of Governors and Pardee RAND Graduate School’s Board of Governors; writes numerous books; conducts lectures worldwide and seminars – activities which have helped build his sizable net worth.

Greer has spent his career advocating for disclosure of classified UFO and extraterrestrial intelligence information. Reportedly interviewing over 700 high-level government whistleblowers and amassing an extensive archive, Greer has written five books and produced several documentary films on the topic – also founding both Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence and The Disclosure Project in this regard.

Personal Life

Greer is an internationally-recognized UFO researcher and advocate, known for advancing public awareness about alien life. As such, he has published several influential books and delivered global lectures and seminars, increasing both his popularity and net worth in the process.

He also founded two initiatives aimed at disclosing classified UFO-related information: the Disclosure Project and Orion Project. With these, they seek to disseminate UFO related classified data while the latter collects testimonials from government and military personnel who claim encountering extraterrestrials.

Greer is currently single and keeping his personal life confidential. A strong advocate of LGBT rights, he is active in humanitarian efforts around the globe as well as participating in documentaries production. According to SEC filings, Greer owns one company: Globe Life Inc (GL). As of 2024-01-02 it had two insider transactions and two non-insider transactions.

Net Worth

Greer has amassed significant wealth over his long and distinguished career as an American ufologist. This has come about through various ventures such as founding organizations, writing books and creating documentaries.

He founded The Disclosure Project, an organization that strives to expose classified UFO information. They collect testimonies from government and military officials regarding any experiences they’ve had with unidentified flying objects.

He has also founded The Orion Project with a vision to create cutting-edge energy technologies for human use.

This prominent ufologist does not currently hold a marriage vow and prefers to keep his personal life private; however, he has had relationships with several women in the past. Currently residing in Durango Colorado.

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