Steven Haizlip

Steven Haizlip

Shirlee Taylor Haizlip discusses her latest book, “Finding Grace,” which details her bi-racial heritage and its subsequent consequences, such as family rifts caused by different shades of light and dark skin tone that only healed over time. Additionally, she discusses her relationships with both mother and aunt.

Haizlip led Bainbridge Island High School boys’ basketball to their last national title until his resignation last year.

Early Life and Education

Steven Haizlip graduated from Newport High School in 1995. He played basketball both at Newport and Central Washington University before opening New Leaf Creations landscape design company in Issaquah. Today, Steven lives on Bainbridge Island with his wife Kristen and their two sons Milo and Cole.

Haizlip was raised on his family rice farm at 1163 Chicago in Nederland before working at Smith’s Bluff Pumping Plant until its closure due to market collapse. From there he moved onto White Cliffs Land owned by C. X Johnson Company Rice Farms as an employee-farmer for five years until returning home again and taking up farming again himself at White Cliffs on C X Johnson property.

He holds an intense dislike for Cobb. In an email to the district, he accused it of failing to put children first; treat coaches as professionals; ensure they serve as positive role models; and remove bad coaches.

Professional Career

Haizlip has served as Newport High School’s head boys basketball coach for five seasons, taking their teams all the way to state championships in 2014 and 2015. Additionally, he owns New Leaf Creations Inc, which offers landscaping design and maintenance services.

He graduated Newport High School in 1995, playing varsity basketball for both the Knights and Mt Si. Additionally, he spent time at both Central Washington University in Seattle as well as Chabot College in Hayward, California for one season each.

Haizlip has three young sons – Milo, Cole and Owen – living on Bainbridge Island with him and his family. Haizlip is known to use intimidating coaching tactics; parents, players and former coaches alike have complained of his coaching style and actions.

Achievement and Honors

Ellis Haizlip co-created and hosted America’s inaugural Black variety show on public television titled, “Soul!” This program ran from 1968 through 1973 and provided an important platform to celebrate African American art and culture.

Haizlip’s earnest demeanor and low-key interview style combined with her enthusiasm for Black Arts (music, dance, literature, film and spoken word) resulted in a series that challenged media’s traditional portrayals of poverty and violence in urban areas by spotlighting vibrant Black Arts Movement.

Haizlip owns Shoes in the Bed Productions LLC in New York City and produced Wu Tsang’s short film You’re Dead to Me (Chicana Mother Acknowledging Her Transgender Child on Dia de Los Muertos), about how one Chicana mother comes to terms with their child who transitioned on Dia de los Muertos.

Personal Life

Ellis Haizlip’s PBS show “Soul!” pioneered nationally-televised entertainment variety shows featuring black culture. Airing from 1968-1973, “Soul!” launched the careers of musicians Nicholas Ashford and Valerie Simpson as well as singer/actress Betty Shabazz and actor Roberta Flack.

Haizlip also possesses extensive landscape design experience, having established New Leaf Creations – a client-focused full-service landscape architecture and planning firm located on Bainbridge Island in Washington State – alongside his wife and three children.

Haizlip joined BCB host and sports editor Shaemus Kreider to discuss the upcoming season for Bainbridge High School Spartans boys basketball team. He discussed his coaching philosophy as well as grievances by parents, players, and former players regarding his behavior during last season.

Net Worth

Pastor Jay Haizlip boasts an estimated net worth of approximately $9 Million dollars, most of his wealth earned through ministering and TV personalities such as himself being featured in movies such as Foolishness and Livin It LA as well as appearing on Oxygen unscripted television association show Preachers of L.A.

Haizlip owns and operates his own landscape design/build firm and lives in Bellevue with his wife Kristen (another Newport graduate) and two sons. In his free time he coaches Newport High School’s boys varsity basketball team.

His practice spans real estate law matters such as eminent domain and title insurance litigation; land conservation easements; and agritourism disputes.

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