Steven Hicks

Steven Hicks – A Classmate of Steven Hicks

Steven Hicks graduated from Coventry High School in 1978 as part of class of 1978, where his classmates remember him fondly as being friendly and helpful. Tragically, however, Jeffrey Dahmer would end up murdering Steven on June 12, 1978.

Dahmer used an unweighted barbell to beat Hicks to death before dismembering him in a crawl space at his home, masturbating while dismembering him.

Early Life and Education

Steven Hicks graduated from Coventry High School in 1978 with an affinity for helping others, according to classmates from his graduating class. A scholarship fund established by his family now exists in his name to assist future trade school students.

He holds National Board Certification as a teacher and has participated in developing early learning systems across several states and cities, mentoring new teachers as they enter the profession, as well as being involved with advocacy and union organizations.

At a federal level, he serves as senior policy advisor in the Department of Education where he shapes the birth to third grade early learning agenda while supporting two high-profile programs such as Early Learning Challenge and Preschool Development Grants. Furthermore, he works to incorporate early learning into initiatives and legislation such as Every Student Succeeds Act.

Personal Life

He was very generous with both his time and money; he would help distribute Thanksgiving food, clean neighborhoods, coach youth sports teams and listen to music before shopping for finer automobiles like Ferraris and Lamborghinis.

Steven Hicks was hitchhiking toward a concert at Ohio’s Chippewa Lake Park when he attracted the attention of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, a well-known serial killer known for his numerous murders. Dahmer found Hicks attractive and conversational enough that he convinced him to stop at his house as part of their ride home from Ohio’s Chippewa Lake Park concert venue.

At his home, he offered the young man pot and drinks before strangulating and dismembering him before placing the pieces into three triple-lined trash bags in the crawlspace beneath his home; during which time, he masturbated while performing these acts of violence.

Net Worth

Hicke’s expertise lies across investments, operations and technology – positioning him for leadership positions. Currently he serves as executive vice president and chief information officer of SEI Investments Co. – an established diversified financial services provider managing $1.2 trillion of assets – where he makes at least one trade each year since 2020, most recently exercising 21,000 units worth $331,170 on 11 November 2022. Ryan currently lives at 1 Pondview Dr East Patchogue New York USA 11772 so you can set alerts now & learn more about Insider Alerts from Insider Alerts Insider Alerts!

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