Steven Khadavi

Steven Khadavi – A Corporate Attorney With More Than Two Decades of Experience

Steven Khadavi is an accomplished corporate attorney, boasting more than two decades of experience guiding diverse clients in complex transactional and securities law matters. He advises public and private companies, along with their boards of directors, on complex securities issues as well as mergers and acquisitions.

He is a partner at Troutman Pepper Hamilton Sanders LLP and assists people with Securities & Corporate Finance legal matters.

Early Life and Education

Khadavi had initially intended to become a litigator while at GW Law; he thoroughly enjoyed moot court and mock trial events and found inspiration from shows such as LA Law and People’s Court on TV. However, during his second year at school he took a summer job that drastically altered his planned career path.

Khadavi counts Khloe Kardashian, Scott Disick and Lance Bass among her celebrity clients, in addition to Instagram stars like Alec Monopoly from street artist Alec Monopoly’s account. Matt Altman from Million Dollar Listing filed a restraining order against Khadavi after alleging he told him he hated all Jews and threatened him.

Professional Career

Khadavi initially anticipated becoming a litigator upon starting law school, participating in moot court and mock trial activities. But after working summer jobs at two different firms he realized his initial intent had changed to corporate law instead.

Khadavi earned his Juris Doctor from George Washington Law and, upon graduating, practiced law at various firms before joining Dorsey & Whitney – eventually becoming a partner before its merger with Troutman Sanders (now Troutman Pepper). Khadavi is an experienced attorney who assists clients with Securities & Corporate Finance matters and Mergers & Acquisitions transactions.

He represents underwriters and issuers in an array of debt and equity financing transactions, such as SEC-registered offerings, private placements, debt tender offers, consent solicitations agreements and exchange offers. Additionally, he advises investment banks serving as financial advisors on providing fairness and solvency opinions.

Personal Life

Khadavi began law school determined to become a litigator. He found moot court and mock trial enjoyable at George Washington, and thought this would be how he practiced law. But after his second-year year he took a summer job that changed his focus entirely.

Steven Khadavi, a cosmetic dermatologist in Los Angeles, quickly found himself over his head when developing a Bel Air spec home that includes features like an out-of-floor DJ booth and industrial elevator, plus display space for his collection of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Now facing bankruptcy proceedings and unpaid contractor bills as well as potential legal action from construction crews working on his house, Steven says he found himself overwhelmed.

Khadavi brings years of experience advising a variety of clients through complex transactional, capital markets and corporate finance matters. He works closely with investment banks that underwrite or facilitate various financing transactions – including SEC-registered offerings, private placements and debt tender offers.

Net Worth

Steven has extensive experience representing underwriters and issuers in securities transactions, such as public and private debt and equity offerings, consent solicitations offers and exchange offers. In addition, he advises investment banks acting as financial advisors for issuers on fairness and solvency opinions for issuers in various industries such as telecom, consumer products and health care.

Khadavi filed for bankruptcy protection two weeks after listing his Bel Air mansion for sale last year and now owes tens of millions in creditors’ claims. TMZ reported in 2016 that Million Dollar Listing agent Matt Altman obtained a restraining order against Khadavi after he allegedly used homophobic language against him and threatened with gun. When auctioning began at $10.5 million below its court-ordered reserve value and failed to sell,

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