Steven Mainwaring

The Search For Steven Mainwaring Continues

Steven Mainwaring, 22, an Oregon State University engineering student and Air National Guard member who went missing on March 4, has gone missing and his family are appealing to members of the public to assist in his search.

Bethany Cook says her son loves adventure and the great outdoors, and would notify her of any potential trips he might be planning.

Early Life and Education

Corvallis Police reported the discovery of 22-year-old Oregon State University engineering student Steven Mainwaring’s body on Marys Peak Sunday around 5 p.m. Volunteers helping in their search discovered his Ford Bronco that they believed he had been driving in a remote part of Marys Peak near Philomath before deputies arrived, where they discovered Mainwaring had died shortly thereafter with no indications of criminality or any wrongdoing, said police.

Family of the Kingsley Field Air National Guard student who went missing last weekend have expressed shock over his sudden absence. His father posted a thank-you message on social media for everyone’s efforts in searching for him.

Mainwaring was an engineering student and Air National Guard member with extensive outdoor hiking experience, according to his family’s search page on Facebook.

Professional Career

Mainwaring is an avid outdoor enthusiast and enjoys adventures and exploration, according to his family. However, if he plans on leaving town for any prolonged period of time he always notifies them beforehand.

He is also a 22-year-old engineering student enrolled in Oregon Air National Guard’s 173rd Fighter Wing at Kingsley Air Field in Klamath Falls and his mother says it is completely out of character for him to vanish without explanation.

Today in Alsea, west of Corvallis, an extensive search will take place, led by local residents, the Mainwaring family and Oregon Air National Guard members. A Civil Air Patrol unit may fly later if weather permits; until then, his family are holding out hope that they can bring him home safely.

Achievement and Honors

Mainwaring was an iconic figure both on and off the field. His death at 41 in 2007 stunned West Australians and left a lasting legacy: his number 3 jumper was retired and the club’s southern wing named in his honour; additionally, he regularly presented Mix 94.5 radio broadcasts as well as actively participated in charity matches.

He became involved with anti-war activities in London through Tom Mann and Emma Goldman’s publication of The General Strike newspaper. Additionally, he played an active role in union politics by criticizing union bureaucrats; joining both Labour Emancipation League and Social Democratic Federation membership organizations, his political beliefs being informed by anarchism and socialist ideas.

Personal Life

Mainwaring was an engineering student at Oregon State University and senior airman first class with the 173rd Fighter Wing of Oregon Air National Guard, originally hailing from Klamath County. According to his family, he enjoyed spending time outdoors and would let them know when planning any adventure or trip.

His last cell phone activity pinged off a tower near Alsea, about 25 miles southwest of Corvallis. A search party was then assembled, but on December 4 he was reported as missing and reported as such the following day.

His absence came as a shock to both teammates and fans alike, having been one of West Coast’s standout performers ever since he joined in 1987. That season saw West Coast win its inaugural premiership; one memorable moment came when despite suffering a broken ankle he abandoned crutches to leap in joy at hearing the final siren sound.

Net Worth

Steven Mainwaring is the Founder and CEO of We First, a strategic consultancy dedicated to driving growth and impact for purpose-driven brands. Additionally, he serves on both Conscious Capitalism LA’s Advisory Council as well as Forbes Business Council Advisory Panels.

He has amassed an estimated net worth of $239 Million dollars.

Steven Mainwaring, 51, from Stanton was sentenced to six years in jail after pleading guilty to five burglaries at five different properties across Great Barton, Stowlangtoft, Norton and Ixworth as well as thefts of two cars, one motorcycle bike as well as weapons such as shotguns and cartridges.

Family members have advised those assisting in the search for Mainwaring to come prepared with weather gear, 4×4 vehicles and the OnX app on their phones – including food and tools just in case they become trapped in the woods.

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