Steven Musielski

Steven Musielski

Steven Musielski encourages his community to start each day right through fellowship on the Clubhouse app. By doing this, regulars and visitors alike find motivation to face whatever challenges come their way.

On November 9, 2021, FINRA barred Steven Musielski from the securities industry due to his refusal to cooperate with their investigation of his trading activities, such as potentially inappropriate trading in leveraged and inverse-leveraged securities.

Professional Career

Steven Dwayne Musielski has held multiple brokerage licenses. According to his FINRA public disclosures, Steven was registered as a securities broker dealer at Cambria Capital LLC from 2021-2022 and Spencer Edwards Inc in Placentia between November 2013 and December 2018.

On November 9, 2021, FINRA published an AWC alleging that Musielski failed to comply with their request for documents and information. Their investigation focused on potential sales practice violations such as exercising discretion without written customer authorization and trading leveraged and inverse-leveraged securities without suitability considerations being addressed properly.

Discretionary trading is an investment technique in which brokers buy or sell securities without consulting their client first, potentially harming investors and leading to financial losses. At Iorio Altamirano LLP in New York City, our securities arbitration attorneys can assist investors with complaints against brokers or brokerage firms.

Personal Life

Steven Musielski is an entrepreneur, community builder, and public speaker. He hosts the 4:13 community on the Clubhouse app – an inclusive gathering that gathers regularly or intermittently and discusses building emotional toughness each morning over an engaging discussion – providing daily inspiration that may prove more helpful than pouring another cup of coffee each morning.

According to FINRA public disclosure, Musielski was barred from working as a securities broker due to excessive and inappropriate trading in customer accounts and failing to respond when requested for documents and information by FINRA.

Musielski also voluntarily resigned from Cambria Capital in 2021 amid allegations that he used time and price discretion without written authorisation when handling inverse and leveraged securities. Prior to joining Cambria Capital he was associated with PaineWebber Inc and Spencer Edwards of Placentia before coming aboard Cambria Capital.

Net Worth

Steven Musielski is an accomplished broker with an expansive professional history. He currently works at Cambria Capital LLC in Anaheim, CA as both a General Securities Representative and Principal; prior to that he had roles at Spencer Edwards Inc in Placentia CA as General Securities Representative as well as PaineWebber Inc in New York NY as General Securities Principal (FINRA public disclosure shows this).

In 2021, he was banned by FINRA due to findings that he refused to cooperate with their request for documents and information related to possible sales practice violations related to excessive trading and unsuitable trading of leveraged and inverse-leveraged securities in customer accounts as well as exercising discretion without written authorization.

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