Steven Plum

Police Officer Steven Plum Leaves a Strong Family Behind Him

Behind every good police officer stands an equally strong family that stands by them and supports them – and Steven Plum was no different in this respect.

Plum, who died at 38, led the formation of the K9 unit in 2018. He oversaw fundraising efforts as well as social media outreach initiatives with his dog Murphy.

Early Life and Education

Plum attended Abington High School before earning an associate’s degree in criminal justice from Temple University and serving in Iraq with the United States Marine Corps.

He developed Warrington’s K-9 unit and serves as its supervisor, joining Murphy at community events, meet and greets, and training sessions.

Diesel stands over six feet and his beautiful physique and hard muscles provide Stephanie with hours of entertainment. He and Stephanie develop an amusing romance, exchanging mild flirtations while often finding themselves in comical predicaments together.

Plum was close with Hatboro K-9 Officer Ryan Allen, who died last month after suffering irreparable brain damage due to bee stings. At his memorial service attended by Patch, Plum delivered remarks. Allen leaves behind his wife, children and parents.

Professional Career

Steven Fabian is known to millions of high school students around the country as they tune into Channel One News each morning – a 12-minute news broadcast to over 6 million schools nationwide. A graduate from Plum Senior High School, Steven attended Allegheny College where he majored in Broadcast Journalism.

He joined the Warrington Township Police Department in 2014 and served in various specialty units – K-9 Unit being one he worked on regularly with his partner Murphy. He was an integral member of his community and found great satisfaction in his career.

He was passionate about his work with the squad and always willing to participate in meet and greets, fundraisers and other community events. He had an enormous heart that made him very generous with his time.

Achievement and Honors

Plum was a Marine Corps veteran and later worked as a police officer for SETPA, Rockledge Borough and Abington Township Police Departments as well as an EMT with Abington Fire Co.

Plum and Murphy enjoyed being part of the K-9 unit in his community, volunteering their services alongside Nancy to raise funds. Both were integral parts of this unit and often participated in community events or meet-and-greets.

Plum was known for his kindness, infectious laughter and smile, and generous heart – qualities which left a mark on everyone he touched, including those in Warrington community he served so devotedly and honorably. He is survived by his wife and five children including Andrew (14), Aiden (15), Wyatt (16), Emmett (8) and Francesca (8 months).

Personal Life

Plum was an avid fisherman and dedicated fan of the Phillies, Flyers, and Penn State football teams. He loved camping out under his tent or zipping around on his ATV. Additionally, he took great pride in spending time with his family, including Murphy his dog. Formerly serving with Abington and Roslyn Fire Companies before becoming part of Second Alarmers Rescue Squad was something he also greatly cherished.

Plum was a veteran of the United States Marine Corps who served in Iraq. Plum then became K-9 officer for his township and led its first K-9 unit with his Dutch shepherd partner. Additionally, he participated in their major incident response team and narcotics unit as well as being present at various public events throughout Bucks County. Unfortunately on May 16 he suffered cardiac arrest at home in Warwick Township, Bucks County and passed away suddenly.

Net Worth

Plum has made her mark as one of the WNBA’s premier earners, earning top dollars while garnering lucrative endorsement contracts with Under Armour and State Farm.

Though they both boast huge salaries, this couple keeps their relationship relatively low key. They’ve only been seen together a handful of times; most recently at Plum’s 2022 WNBA championship victory parade in Las Vegas.

Plum has found great success in her professional basketball career, but that doesn’t come without its stresses. She often feels overwhelmed and struggles to find meaning beyond basketball; perhaps that explains why both she and Waller value balance so highly; even though they live together, Plum spends significant time away with the Aces during each year.

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