Steven Pohl

Steven Pohl

Steven Pohl is a Shareholder at Butzel in Troy, Michigan and has extensive experience representing debtors, trustees, creditors’ committees and lending institutions in bankruptcy proceedings as well as commercial finance transactions.

Parents of one child discovered several photos featuring other young boys posing in similar poses on his computer, according to an affidavit.

Early Life and Education

Pohl was an accomplished World War II veteran before transitioning into literary agent representation of top science fiction writers, and later edited Ballantine Books’ anthology series Star Science Fiction.

Pohl rose to prominence as an independent novel writer during the 1970s, writing novels such as Man Plus and Heechee Saga series that earned back-to-back Nebula Awards as well as two Hugos and three John W. Campbell Memorial Awards.

Parents whose children were photographed by Pohl allege that the church failed to respond appropriately when red flags indicated inappropriate conduct from him. Their lawsuit seeks compensation and an injunction preventing 200 pictures of children being destroyed; additionally they argue the church should have done more to stop such activity from occurring in the first place.

Professional Career

Steven Pohl is an accomplished attorney specializing in bankruptcy and commercial finance issues, business law issues and providing corporation counsel. As a shareholder of Butzel LLC in Troy he practices out of that location.

Pohl reportedly admitted to accessing more than 100 images depicting naked underage boys at both the church rectory and office computers, displaying children in various poses that may have been considered inappropriate.

He has over two decades of experience in commercial real estate. He specializes in community and regional mall sales, leasing and development; tenant representation; midrise office leasing and tenant representation services. Furthermore, he enjoys traveling. A fan of Minnesota Twins baseball team.

Achievement and Honors

Steven Pohl is a Shareholder at Butzel & Reno’s Troy office in Michigan and boasts an array of business and real estate clients. He specializes in mergers & acquisitions, commercial finance and bankruptcy matters.

He was ordained into the Catholic Archdiocese of Louisville KY in 1985 and served as pastor of parishes in Fern Creek, Bardstown and Louisville until he was charged in August 2015 with accessing child pornography after an 11-year-old boy accused him of taking inappropriate photographs of them.

At Oregon, he served as football video coordinator and oversaw all video operations for all sports. In this capacity, he provided situational game analysis tapes as well as interleave edited football game tapes for analysis, along with creative promotional videotapes.

Personal Life

Pohl currently serves as video coordinator for Oregon football, having previously worked as a graduate assistant. Additionally, he’s part of the athletic department’s broadcast team and has produced highlight films for the school.

Pohl also studies full time towards her business degree; sociology being her favorite subject since it allows her to consider topics from an institutional standpoint.

Steven Pohl is a Shareholder at Butzel Long in Troy, Michigan. His areas of practice include bankruptcy and debtor-creditor law (representing interested parties in Chapter 11 cases), counseling corporations as well as first time offenses – with low risk for repeat offenses he is currently receiving treatment in prison for sexual offending behavior.

Net Worth

Steven Pohl has an estimated net worth of approximately $2.3 Million and owns 19,086 units of Northwestern Corp common stock, selling roughly $1.3M worth over the past ten years.

As a shareholder at Butzel’s Troy office, he provides representation for numerous small to medium-sized businesses on complex business transactions and has expertise in commercial law as well as bankruptcy matters.

Since 1991, David has been practicing law. A graduate of Indiana University School of Law-Bloomington and Michigan State Bar Association member, in his spare time he enjoys reading, traveling cyberspace and creating digital art while spending quality time with family.

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