Steven Sawyer

The Life of Steven Sawyer

Steven Sawyer is an author of an innovative therapist training module that utilizes emotional physiology approaches for modern therapy interventions. With a national presence and flourishing private practice, his training module has revolutionized modern therapy interventions.

He grew up in Antrim, New Hampshire, and studied philosophy at Haverford College in Pennsylvania before joining Greenpeace in 1980 and becoming part of their Rainbow Warrior ship crew.

Early Life and Education

Steve Sawyer dedicated his life to serving others. From the start of his career, he actively sought ways to make an impactful contribution. A tireless champion for environmental stewardship, Steve was often called upon in meetings and one-on-one discussions to use his expertise blending environmental theory with practical considerations to avoid disaster.

He was one of the founding members of Greenpeace and co-founded the Global Wind Energy Council. Starting as a door-to-door canvasser for Greenpeace, he eventually rose through its ranks to executive director. Under his guidance were major victories such as banning oil drilling from Antarctica and signing the Montreal Protocol limiting ozone depleting gases.

He leaves behind his beloved wife Ellen and children Jeremy Sawyer, Erica Sawyer, Michael Sawyer and Olivia Hayes as well as his beloved grandchildren Braeden Hendershott, Ava and Audrey Hayes, Scarlett Wilke, Olivia Routh and Shaelynn Dishner who will miss him greatly.

Professional Career

Sawyer was an advocate of wind energy, leading Greenpeace campaigns and helping lead the Global Wind Energy Council. He worked hard to convince governments worldwide of wind’s value as a solution for meeting rising energy demands while simultaneously lowering carbon emissions, helping expand this industry in doing so.

He was also an educator, providing OSHA 10 and 30 hour General Industry training to clients and instructing commercial drivers hauling hazardous materials on complying with DOT regulations.

He was an energetic, knowledgeable Licensed Psychotherapist with expertise and passion in intervention and change processes. With more than ten years of experience treating hard-to-reach client populations in settings including residential, community-based, wilderness therapy and Brainspotting (a Native-focused Trauma Informed Care model) as well as Generation Red Road training under his belt.

Achievement and Honors

Though many at Hamilton-Wenham may know Steve Sawyer for his expertise as a track and field coach, not everyone recognizes he was also an incredible mathematics educator with a lifetime commitment to the athletic program.

His response to the attack on Rainbow Warrior in Auckland and mission to relocate residents poisoned by US atmospheric nuclear weapon tests cemented his status as a leader. Subsequently he established Greenpeace International as its founder and later its executive director.

He was instrumental in championing wind energy as an effective solution to reduce global carbon emissions, and later served as General Secretary of GWEC.

Personal Life

Sawyer was an attentive family man, always prioritizing his wife Ellen and children before any other concern. Additionally, he enjoyed golf and spending his summers sailing on Gregg Lake near Antrim in New Hampshire.

He held an immense affection for nature and was passionate about protecting it; his influence came from Aldo Leopold, Rachel Carson and Edward Abbey’s works.

At Greenpeace, he led many triumphs for environmental activism – such as declaring Antarctica off limits to oil exploration; signing on to Montreal Protocol banning ozone-depleting gases and ban radioactive waste disposal into oceans; founding and leading Global Wind Energy Council as an alternative source for electricity; and the campaign against fossil fuel exploitation by wind power.

Net Worth

As founder and leader of the Global Wind Energy Council, he worked tirelessly to convince governments around the globe of wind’s importance for meeting growing energy demand while decreasing carbon emissions. Under his tenure, global wind projects increased sevenfold.

No matter where his work took him, he never lost touch with home. A regular visitor to Gregg Lake in Antrim and an avid sailer himself, he enjoyed spending summer days sailing there.

He is the son of legendary filmmaker Steven Spielberg, known for films such as Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Raiders of the Lost Ark and E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial. Additionally, Spielberg serves as partner at Geeks and Gurus based out of Detroit for software development and IT services.

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