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Steven Shinn – A Famous YouTube Star

Steven Shinn is an internist practicing at West Volusia Family and Sports Medicine in Deland, Florida and affiliated with both Adventhealth Orlando and Adventhealth DeLand.

He teaches project planning and control courses and is certified with Project Management Institute (PMI). Additionally, he has experience creating integrated cost and schedule control systems.

Early Life and Education

Steven Shinn is an architect specializing in sustainable architecture with personal service projects that foster social, cultural, and educational advancement. Currently serving as consultant to the City of Russellville through various civic, educational, and commercial projects he has forged strong bonds within the community through his work.

Winter found him skating along a sheet of ice around his gutter; summer brought bicycle riding along fieldstone sidewalks near the street in front of his house. He loved feats of daring, especially acrobat performances in town.

Hearst raids had left Luks out of work at the World and Shinn quickly took advantage of this situation to woo him back with an offer of three dollars per week as an inducement. Additionally, Shinn was filled with hope about moving pictures as possible career options for Luks.

Professional Career

Steven Shinn possesses expert skills in project planning and control, cost engineering, earned value management and scheduling. Additionally, he serves as both a trainer and instructor in these disciplines and has managed multiple large-scale projects during his career.

He received NASA’s Outstanding Leadership Medal twice for his efforts leading business change, organizational management and diversity and inclusion initiatives at GSFC. Additionally, he earned two team awards for Quality and Process Improvement from NASA.

Adventhealth Orlando and Adventhealth DeLand both recognize his outstanding patient reviews, while his certifications in Internal and Sports Medicine allow him to practice at West Volusia Family & Sports Medicine in Orange City, Florida where he currently practices. Committed to providing personalized care that ensures each patient attains their healthcare goals is at the core of his practice.

Achievement and Honors

Shinn was honored with the Idaho State Historical Society’s highest honor – Esto Perpetua Award – as recognition of his work. Additionally, he is a member of American Historical Association and has published over 20 academic papers.

Shinn previously served as the Deputy Chief Financial Officer for Center Operations at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center where he oversaw all decisions and activities pertaining to planning, analysis, management, staffing and operations to provide a standardized approach across 10 centers for financial activities within the Agency. Shinn also has extensive experience managing cost engineering, pricing estimates, operations management project control earned value management scheduling.

He is a LEED Fellow, and through advocacy and education he integrates preservation, sustainability, architecture education and diversity into urban fabric through advocacy. Additionally, he was one of the founding board members for AIA San Diego.

Personal Life

Steven Shinn is a YouTube Star estimated to be worth between $1-5 Million. An architect with 30 years of experience, Steven has an intense interest in design excellence, sustainability, livable communities, preservation, health & wellness and mentoring students at NewSchool of Architecture & Design as well as serving on 14 AIA/USGBC boards in Ohio and California.

On YouTube and TikTok he goes by the handle Clawbossnj where he shares content showing off his expertise at winning prizes from claw machines. Hailing from Voorhees in New Jersey.

He prefers to keep his personal life private and is an avid follower of DC Comics’ Aquaman. Additionally, he boasts an advanced intellect. Additionally, his friendship circle includes Arcade Warrior, Matt Magnone and Edward Centeno.

Net Worth

Dialogic was both an investor and advisor to various technology start-ups during his time there, including Haystack Labs – a cyber security firm focused on UNIX intrusion detection systems subsequently acquired by Trusted Information Systems; Longitude (founded by Andrew Lawrence and Charles Walden and acquired by both ISE and Goldman Sachs); Modo Labs (mobile enterprise engagement solution); SeekAI (generative AI company).

Shinn also sits on the Board of the Manatee Community Foundation in Bradenton, Florida and acts as Partner-in-Charge of both offices of his firm in Sarasota and Bradenton, respectively. Shinn provides tax compliance and planning engagements for high-net-worth individuals, for-profit closely held businesses, not-for-profit entities and not-for-profits.

He was born August 13th 1988 in Voorhees, New Jersey, United States. He is best known for posting Claw Machine videos on YouTube and TikTok.

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