Steven Stull

Steven Stull, 71, Passed Away On June 8, 2022

Steven Stull has over three decades of investment experience. As president and founder of Advantage Capital, a venture capital firm, he oversees investment policy development, overall operations management, strategic planning as well as financial administration, institutional investor relations management and professional recruitment processes.

Stull’s Opposition Letter highlights numerous legal and factual concerns with the Major Modification that directly and adversely impacts properties owned by himself and his wife, including possible violations to both the County General Plan as well as state/local laws.

Early Life and Education

Steve Studl received his Bachelor of Business Administration with a double major in finance and accounting from Texas Christian University, is a Certified Public Accountant, and has worked in finance at both commercial banks and savings and loan associations. Presently he serves as CEO for Storehouse Financial LLC as well as managing partner at Stull CPA LLC.

John White has collaborated with both national artists and local musicians from a wide variety of styles, performing alongside them all from jazz to reggae to bluegrass to vernacular styles. Co-developing TAKADIMI beat-oriented system of rhythm solfege, John teaches music theory classes at Ithaca College as well as recording several albums including West Virginia Symphony Orchestra’s Boyz in the Wood and Opera Cowpokes Alive!.

Dancer RISHA LIEBERWITZ has studied with Jeanne Goddard and Dansingtree Moonwater at Ithaca’s CRS Barn Studio since 1990, producing numerous multidisciplinary performance events there with Steven Stull as her collaborator.

Professional Career

Steven is President of Advantage Capital Partners, a private equity investment firm which he co-founded. As President he oversees investment policy, operations management, strategic planning and fundraising at Advantage. Furthermore, Steven manages investments and portfolio companies within technology, business services and financial services industries.

At Sand Point Golf Course in Newport News, Stull was widely respected as an outstanding teacher of young golf professionals. Some of his former pupils later went on to become head professionals themselves, such as Bruce Christy who now oversees White Horse Golf Club in Kingston.

Woodings pursued his goal of joining the Marine Corps with tireless determination. He will report for training at Quantico in October.

Achievement and Honors

On June 8, 2022, at 71 years old, he passed away peacefully at his home near Hood Canal.

Nationally acclaimed for his leadership efforts in small business capital formation for businesses located in distressed or underserved communities with no venture capital infrastructure, Mr. Anderson earned Washington University in St. Louis’ Olin School of Business Distinguished Business Alumni Award in 2007.

Ask faculty members about Stull, and you will receive an endless stream of memorable moments from his leadership at Oberlin. He raised Oberlin’s international profile, helped it achieve world-class status, established key relationships and funding sources that supported its innovative initiatives, and earned everyone under him great respect due to his passionate yet gregarious approach.

Personal Life

Steven Dale Stull is an American singer, producer and educator. As a freelance baritone he has performed with Glimmerglass Opera, Tri-Cities Opera and Brooklyn Academy of Music; furthermore he holds membership of American Guild of Museum Artists as well as being active voice teacher in Ithaca, New York.

Mr. Stull, as founder and president of Advantage Capital Partners, Advantage Capital Management Corp and Advantage Capital Investment Management LLC is also director of several Advantage Capital portfolio companies such as FleetCor Technologies, HRI Properties and OMNI Energy. With more than 35 years of investment experience and a national reputation for his efforts in small business capital formation for distressed communities with no or minimal venture capital infrastructures he is widely respected by both clients and peers alike.

GuruFocus tracks the stock performance of insiders versus the market benchmark return over various timeframes.

Net Worth

Steven Stull boasts an estimated net worth of over $101 Million dollars and serves as president and founder of Advantage Capital Partners, a private equity firm investing in technology, business services, financial services industries. He directs investment policy, overall operations, strategic planning, fundraising activities as well as overseeing investments and portfolio companies for this firm.

He previously spent nine years as the head of General American Life Insurance Company’s securities division and personally managing high yield, convertible, and preferred stock portfolios. Additionally, he served on the boards of several private companies.

Steven T Stull holds two stocks with Fleetcor Technologies Inc, according to SEC Form 4 filings. Here’s the full list of his holdings.

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