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Mergers and Acquisitions Partner, Steven Szymanski

Steve Szymanski is a partner in our Mergers and Acquisitions Section. His vast experience includes representing private and public companies, financial institutions, management teams and traditional parties in transactions of all sizes.

John Szymanski regularly participates in league bowling and holds a lifetime high of 289 games bowled – an achievement for which his parents John and Dawn Szymanski can take great pride.

Early Life and Education

Any parent who has experienced the joy and pride associated with watching their toddler take his or her first swing in T-ball and move through youth travel leagues and high school baseball can understand the feelings Jim and Kathy Szymanski must be experiencing this week as their son Steven plays his last high school baseball game for Midland Livonia Churchill. This game may mark his final high school game uniform wearing.

Churchill High School student James Johnson was remembered in his obituary as an aggressive defender and on-base machine, known for taking long runs with Dag the dog and weight lifting with friends. A proud Marine, Johnson also loved animals; something his family hopes to honor through an annual color run held in Lansing in his memory this autumn.

Professional Career

Steve brings extensive expertise in electric power project finance and development. He has worked on projects worldwide and built up an impressive network of financing industry contacts. Steve is particularly knowledgeable regarding legal, contracting, financing and regulatory considerations related to electric power projects as well as potential support structures available.

He regularly assists buyers, sellers and financial institutions with mergers and acquisitions transactions. Additionally, he represents small and mid-market businesses in all their general corporate needs and draws upon his extensive knowledge of tax law, finance and business law to offer creative yet practical solutions to legal issues faced by his clients.

Prysmian asserts that, under the Consideration Provision, Szymanski’s base salary must increase from $60,000 to $100,000. However, this argument fails on several counts: first it contradicts what the language actually says; and secondly it ignores plain meaning of words used.

Achievement and Honors

Steven Szymanski was an exceptional young Marine from Midland who tragically passed away while training at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. As a crewman for light armored vehicles he had recently been promoted to Lance Corporal this past June – his family praise him as being an outstanding young person both academically and military-wise.

He originally began bowling as a child but moved on to other sports such as baseball and soccer before returning to it once he moved to Midland.

Proton recognized him for his technical contributions to PEM electrolyzer and fuel cell technology for space and undersea applications, earning multiple awards during his time with Hamilton Standard as an engineer. He leaves behind both parents and one sister.

Personal Life

Steven Szymanski has been with American Tower since August 2011 and currently resides in Massachusetts. Additionally, he serves on the Board of Directors for Boston Harbor Club.

Radtke stated that prior to the shooting, an altercation took place in the kitchen. When only six people remained, Michael Szymanski asked everyone else to leave so he and other individuals could hold private conversations.

Welch described him as being both motivated and tough-minded, always on the move and staying active. As an active-duty Marine who never gave up fighting for his family and doing everything possible to become a good warrior.

Net Worth

Stephen Szymanski reportedly boasts an estimated net worth of approximately $1.2 billion. He co-founded American Tower Corporation, an industry leading communications infrastructure company. Additionally, Szymanski serves on numerous other company boards of directors.

Szymanski is survived by Michele M. Szymanski of Bellevue; their children Laura E. Winterton and Stephen D. Szymanski; as well as numerous nieces and nephews including Kerri Brainard of Lincoln NE, Carl Knotts and Hailey from Mason Neck VA and Scout from Melbourne FL – who all preceded him in death. He was predeceased by both of his parents as well as two of his brothers.

Steven Szymanski was diagnosed in March with light-chain amyloidosis (also referred to as AL amyloidosis). This form of systemic amyloidosis accounts for 10%-15 percent of multiple myeloma cases worldwide.

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