Steven Tessler

Steven Tessler

Steve Tessler serves as Area President of Payday’s New York Operations. He offers clients and prospects expert counsel regarding payroll, employee benefits, HR technology and associated support services.

He has been practicing psychiatry for the last 6-10 years at Long Island Jewish Medical Center at Northwell Health, and holds board certification.

Early Life and Education

As a young adult, Tessler held several high-profile jobs in science and public service. She co-founded Spider Watch as well as acting as an outreach coordinator and connecting volunteers eager to get involved with scientists needing assistance.

Tessler is survived by her niece Betsi Steinberg and their children as well as many close friends. She enjoyed renovating historic buildings and owned several Castro properties including 577 Castro Street which now hosts Anchor Oyster Bar.

Steven is a popular English name associated with Saint Stephen and King Stefan of England. As a great baby boy name with strong associations to both power and glory, it has often been abbreviated as “Steve”. However, in America this name is usually abbreviated even further and known simply as Steve.

Professional Career

Steve Tessler is a board-certified Psychiatrist located in Glen Oaks, New York who currently practices at Long Island Jewish Medical Center and accepts various insurance plans.

He brings with him an extensive global senior executive career at US publicly traded companies with experience in international operations and transformational initiatives. He specializes in leading teams from diverse backgrounds in order to drive incremental growth and meet strategic objectives at large scale.

He has worked on projects across industries such as aerospace and defense, communications and media. Additionally, he has voice-acted for several movies such as Christopher Guest’s A Mighty Wind as a voice actor; written songs for TV shows; promoted California products through Made in California initiatives; as well as been involved with economic development initiatives.

Achievement and Honors

Steven Tessler has earned several prestigious awards and recognition. These include receiving the Dean’s Honored Graduate Award from his alma mater, University of Central Florida – granted to graduates who have conducted exceptional research; expanded diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts at their institution; formed new start-up companies; received (inter)national awards such as Goldwater, Truman Churchill Marshall; or had an exceptionally high academic GPA.

He is a member of both the Ecological Society of America and North American Benthololgy Society, and received the Outstanding Student Award in Entomology by Pennsylvania State University.

Ridgefield High School has honored him with numerous scholarships and recognition, such as the PTSA Scholarship Award, RHS Athletic Advisory Council Scholar Athlete Award, Tiger Soccer Senior Recognition, and Achievement in AP Government and Politics. In addition, his work has been published by various publications like National Law Review and Cornell Journal of International & Comparative Law.

Personal Life

Steven Tessler is affiliated with Long Island Jewish Medical Center as a Psychiatry Specialist and practices out of Glen Oaks, NY with an outstanding patient rating.

Over 19 years have passed since his marriage to Beth, and together they have two children together as well as 2 stepchildren from his first marriage.

Tessler enjoyed writing, music and antique collecting as hobbies; in addition to these pursuits he enjoyed traveling and spending time with his family.

He founded TGV Partners LLC and Walker Energy Partners and served on the boards of NewPage Holding Corp. and Cerberus Capital Management LP as well as being Chairman of Empire Kosher Poultry. Additionally, he earned both an MBA degree from Fairleigh Dickinson University as well as an undergraduate degree from University of Miami.

Net Worth

Steven Tessler currently holds a net worth of $2 Million as of June 15th 2023, calculated by subtracting all his liabilities from all his assets.

He has served on the boards of Empire Kosher Poultry Inc and NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital, was one of the founders of Walker Energy Partners and TGV Partners LLC and served as chairman and managing director at Cerberus Capital Management LP.

Tessler was one of the founding members of Steel Partners Holdings L.P, as well as former co-chairman and co-chief executive officer for Data Broadcasting Corporationrationration.

Mr. Johnson currently resides at 1358 SE Summit Trl in Stuart, Florida but also has relatives in other locations like Florida and New York.

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