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Steven Topper Net Worth

Steven Topper is an expert in database marketing and director at Merkle. He helps his clients assess the current state of their technology infrastructure, anticipate the future direction of technology trends and tackle complex business problems by tapping into their full set of data assets.

He uses Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) to assist individuals in crafting lives worth living, and brings curiosity and patience to every session. He works with depression, anxiety, self-injury, grief/loss issues and many more mental health conditions.

Early Life and Education

As a child, Topper often went without food due to her family living in a double-wide home without garbage service and was ashamed to invite friends over due to the stacks of plastic trash lining her curbside.

She now serves as the district’s family-community resource center director, where her primary responsibilities involve forging partnerships and finding resources to aid students and families who require help. In that position, she’s witnessed first-hand how even small acts of support can make an immense difference to a student’s life.

He specializes in treating patients suffering from osteoarthritis of the hand and wrist. Utilizing mindfulness and acceptance-based strategies in his practice, as well as working with couples and family therapy. Furthermore, he has extensive training in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). Finally, his warm, open, honest approach makes for an exceptional treatment experience.

Professional Career

Steven has extensive experience working with adolescents, adults and couples to foster meaningful lives. Using mindfulness- and acceptance-based approaches within therapy to support his clients in fully living out their values and beliefs.

He is well-versed in courtroom litigation, having served as second chair in a motorcycle product liability trial and lead counsel on multiple breach of warranty cases. When not working he enjoys collecting original art, Mission furniture, Fiesta ware and children’s illustrated books in his free time.

Topper credits HPU with helping him grow both professionally and personally. The accessibility of HPU’s accounting faculty allowed him to seek advice or review his work easily, which proved invaluable during his internship at Deloitte as well as current position as audit and assurance associate at Cargill in Raleigh.

Personal Life

Steven Topper is a licensed clinical professional counselor who uses mindfulness and acceptance-based approaches within therapy sessions in order to empower his clients in living authentically according to their values.

He hails from South Dakota and attended the University of South Dakota for his undergraduate degree. Since then he has completed multiple internships with local businesses before landing a tax internship position with Deloitte in Raleigh, North Carolina.

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Net Worth

Steve Topper Net Worth is an award-winning meteorologist who earns more than $80,000 yearly in earnings from media industry activities and music/endorsement deals, among other sources.

In 2000, he assumed daily operations of Alta. His primary job was salesmanship – soliciting physicians and nursing homes to refer Medicaid and Medicare patients into its small community hospitals in poor neighborhoods.

He understands the process of living authentically can be an emotional roller-coaster for many people, so his practice incorporates mindfulness and acceptance-based strategies to assist clients in living by their values. Together they work on crafting lives with meaning that are both fulfilling and satisfying for his clients.

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