Steven Zucco

Steven Zucco, Actor: The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Steven Zucco is an American boxer and undefeated junior lightweight contender, currently living in Seven Hills, Ohio and sporting an undefeated record in all his fights by knockout.

Find contact info, addresses, phone numbers and other public records for Steven R Zucco. His relatives include Jeremy Zaczkowski and Mary Judith Zaczkowicz.

Early Life and Education

Steve Zucco was an active and fun young man, always up for an adventure and ready to give someone else a good time. His family, friends, and pets alike loved spending time with him; often giving him affectionate nicknames while other times receiving harsher ones. Steve had an enormous heart as well and would always go above and beyond in helping anyone in need.

He was a four-year letterman and captain of his Sun Devil football team, excelling both academically and athletically throughout high school by winning state championships in football and track. Additionally, he participated in both ice hockey and football at Wooster College.

He is survived by his wife Laura and children Darcy, Tamara, Perryn, Rocky and Corey as well as grandchildren. Additionally, his parents and sisters predeceased him; all will miss his presence amongst us all.

Professional Career

Zucco was known for his sharp hawk nose and magnetic dark eyes which proved ideal for authoritative or intimidating roles, and his arching brow and stern demeanor allowed him to portray menacing villains such as in The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1939).

Zucco received All-Western Pennsylvania honors at Blum Township High School before going on to play both football and track at Wayne State University, helping their 1953 national championship squad. Due to de-emphasis of intercollegiate athletics at Wayne State, Zucco later transferred to Michigan State.

He has voiced several video game characters such as Detective Mosely in Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers and Gabriel Knight III: Blood of the Sacred; Assistant Director Wilson in Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix; Adrian Ripburger from Crash Bandicoot; Goro Majima from Kingdom Hearts series games; as well as several others.

Achievement and Honors

Beth was a long-term resident of Traverse City, MI and is survived by her husband Mark Zucco; daughter Grace Zucco; stepson Alex (Kaitlin) Zucco and granddaughter Emma Zucco. Additionally, she is survived by mother Patricia Goede; siblings Jennifer Ancans, Rick Shorey and Lynne Riedy as well as special friends Mary Tuten, JT Kohl and Becky Manning as well as several nieces and nephews who she predeceased; including Fred (deceased).

Zucco won widespread critical acclaim for his performance as the high priest in The Mummy’s Hand, but also proved himself as an outstanding villain, often surpassing more recognizable characters like Lon CHANEY in subsequent mummy movies. Zucco went on to star in low-budget horror and science fiction flicks through to 1950.

Personal Life

Zucco had three children: Mark and Brad for his two sons and Lynne as his daughter. Additionally he enjoyed camping and off-roading with family and friends; camping was especially enjoyed during summer weekends with his beloved dogs, cats, and grandpets always nearby.

He was honored as a member of the Western Pennsylvania Hall of Fame and earned All-Western Pennsylvania accolades in both football and track & field. Following graduation, he played for the Chicago Bears.

Although his career in horror films was short-lived, he quickly earned a place among its most revered actors. Boasting an arresting combination of sharp hawk nose, magnetic dark eyes, and arching brow – making him ideal for villainy roles – particularly memorable performances came in 1940’s The Mummy’s Hand and Dr Renault’s Secret (1940).

Net Worth

Steven is estimated to be worth approximately 4 to 5 million dollars. A professional fitness trainer with experience in criminology, he attended University of California where he graduated with degrees in these subjects.

As well as his online fame, he is also well-known YouTube star with a massive following on social media. His videos focus on public pranks and social experiments involving strangers.

He and Paige Spiranac share an adorable love story and have shared pictures together on social media. Both parties enjoy sports together; Niko their beloved dog whom the two love so dearly is often featured as part of their posts on Instagram.

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