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Artist Profile – Sue Daniel

Sue creates works in oil; she embraces drama and views art as an outlet of emotion. Her spontaneous brush strokes, coupled with knives, scrapers and custom designed tools give each painting its individual identity.

Sue Daniel’s Winter Village style, compatible with her Forest Path style from last year, introduces over 100 symbols for creating snow-covered houses and streets in this year’s Cartographer’s Annual issue.

Early Life and Education

Sue was raised on the Daniel home place farm and enjoyed gardening. As an active member of Pisgah Baptist Church and giving back to her community, Sue brought joy with each hug and smile she gave out. Her legacy lives on through James L. Daniel, her 66 year marriage; sons Benny Daniel of Union Grove; Ward Daniel from Rome; daughter Sandra Ventura from Taft; three grandsons and many great-grandchildren.

Sue is a self-taught abstract impressionist working in oils to capture and reflect nature and emotions in all their rich detail. Using spontaneous brush strokes combined with scrapers, knives and custom made tools such as scrapers to achieve this unique style. Her paintings explore both control and chance within creativity – as she both guides the creative process while also encouraging and capitalizing upon any random wonders that might occur by taking creative risks.

Professional Career

Sue brings extensive expertise on dental, hygiene and education topics. Additionally, she has several publications under her name including both peer-reviewed journal articles and books.

As well as her academic work, she is deeply committed to helping individuals on a personal level. She collaborates closely with primary care physicians, pediatricians, psychiatrists, teachers and other professionals to support children and their families overcome any difficulties they encounter in life.

Her focus includes anti-bullying efforts and lecturing before school and parent groups. As a member of Irving Schools Foundation for eight years, she enjoys seeing the creativity and enthusiasm displayed by both students and teachers through its monthly Spark Tank grant presentations; each month they invite a panel of judges who select the top projects.

Achievement and Honors

Sue Daniel has been an active participant in Profantasy community forum and has won one Lite Challenge, three Main Challenges, as well as one of the annual Atlas Awards. Additionally, she provides art assets and maps free for anyone to enjoy.

She has performed her operatic repertoire at all of Europe’s major opera houses, working alongside notable conductors such as Sir Simon Rattle, Chailly, Abbado, Barenboim and Muti. Additionally she has recorded extensively for radio and TV as well as creating a tribute tribute for The Times to Maria Callas herself.

As Chair of Programs on the Irving Schools Foundation Board, she plays an active role in supporting this cause. Every month she leads a Spark Tank session inspired by Shark Tank for teachers and students of Irving ISD to pitch projects or ideas for grant funding.

Personal Life

Sue’s work is heavily influenced by abstract impressionism and the idea that art provides a window into one’s soul. Her bold colours encapsulate nature’s dramatic forces while intuitive brush strokes combined with knives, scrapers and custom made tools give each of Sue’s paintings their individual aesthetic quality.

She was an active member of Berry’s alumni community and attended volunteer work weekends frequently. Additionally, she enjoyed gardening and animals of all sorts, especially her beloved dogs. She leaves behind her husband of 30 years; their twin daughters Shelly and Michal; grandchildren Tabitha Victoria Anthony Schumaker Rusty Ault. Additionally she was a faithful member of both Sardis Presbyterian Church and Pisgah Baptist Church.

Net Worth

Sue and Noel are keeping busy with 22 children, an extensive YouTube channel, and running a successful family pie business. Living comfortably thanks to a property (reported at around PS975,000) as well as successful ventures is possible thanks to these assets.

Couple also star in Channel 5 show 22 Kids and Counting, which can be very profitable. While fans have often expressed suspicion of their wealth, Sue has assured viewers that they do not claim handouts and their income is largely self-sustaining.

Television reporter Sue Herera has an estimated net worth of $4.5 Million. She co-anchors CNBC’s Power Lunch show and has received several awards for her journalism. Sue earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism at California State University Northridge.

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