Sylvester Thomas

Sylvester Thomas – A Versatile Worker

Thomas is said to have used the money for real estate purchases, expensive cars and shares in a cruise line company. Additionally, he has been charged with drug crimes and weapons offenses.

Sylvester made significant contributions to matrix theory, having become fascinated with it during strolls with Cayley at Lincoln’s Inn courts. He devised an innovative method for solving cubic equations known as discriminant analysis.

Early Life and Education

Sylvester Thomas dedicated much of his life to community service and charity work, often working with his hands tinkering on projects to put back together again. Thomas was also an outstanding sportsman able to play all major sports.

He was born in Watts, Los Angeles and began singing with a church choir until they objected to his homosexuality. Instead he joined a group of black transwomen and crossdressers known as Disquotays before moving to San Francisco where he joined an avant garde psychedelic theatre troupe known as Cockettes.

His androgynous appearance and high falsetto singing voice won the hearts of disco fans while earning him the moniker of Queen of Disco from white, straight industry gatekeepers. Touring as opening act for big names while recording two rock albums Sylvester & the Hot Band and Bazaar for Blue Thumb Records made up his repertoire.

Professional Career

John Thomas was an exceptional employee who held various jobs at Brown & Williamson Tobacco Company and Trinity, Inc. Additionally he was an accomplished professional wrestler for ICWA where he battled stars such as Metal Master, Mikey Whiplash and Ghent Wakefiel – not forgetting Rosie Manzie Thomas and their two daughters whom he left behind as his legacy.

He took and passed Oxford’s Tripos Examination in 1837 but, being Jewish, refused to swear an Oath required of graduates so could not graduate. This caused considerable upset at Oxford where he eventually was appointed Professor of Geometry before leaving three years later.

He made significant mathematical developments during his lifetime, such as syzygetic relations theory and higher dimensional geometry.

Achievement and Honors

Sylvester Thomas was honored with Her Majesty Prison Service’s Officer of the Year award this year as part of their initiative to recognize employees for outstanding service, building upon an existing quarterly staff recognition scheme. Minister for Environment and Home Affairs Honourable Porsha Stubbs-Smith presented Mr Sylvester with this prestigious recognition award.

Assistant Surgeon Sylvester from 23rd Regiment of Foot (later The Royal Welch Fusiliers), British Army was honored with a Victoria Cross during the Crimean War for her actions against an enemy force, earning the most prestigious and distinguished award available to both British and Commonwealth forces.

Adam Sylvester of Independence Minnesota and Joel (Tanielle) Sylvester from Worthing South Dakota are left to cherish his memory, along with six grandchildren and three siblings.

Personal Life

His widow, Rosie Manzie Thomas; son, Sylvester Thomas Jr. and two grandchildren survive him along with five siblings and numerous extended family members. He loved spending time with family and friends and always welcomed anyone wanting to visit, offering delicious baked beans to try or staying for extended or short visits at his door.

Although he grew up on a farm, he maintained strong bonds with both of his siblings throughout life. They spoke highly of each other, and seemed as though their bond grew stronger over time. They would often share memories from childhood that helped form them into wonderful people they are today; all who knew and loved him will miss him greatly.

Net Worth

He worked at Brown and Williamson Tobacco Company, Trinity Inc and Lowe’s during his lifetime and leaves to mourn his memory his daughter Sheretta T. Pollard (Anthony), son Samuel Thomas Pollard and granddaughter Alyse Mercedes as well as brothers Seymore Thomas and Mae Cabbagagestalk; among many other family and friends.

Stallone achieved success through hard work and persistence before the term ‘hustle’ ever existed. Working menial jobs and low budget films to hone his craft and forging a legacy is what earned him his success story status.

Stallone has an estimated estimated net worth of approximately $450 Million which represents his assets minus his debts.

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