Tasheka Young Obituary Jacksonville Fl

Tasheka Young Obituary

If you live in or around Jacksonville Florida, you have probably heard of Tasheka Young. She was a former radio personality with Power 106.1, a station that specializes in hip hop. She was also the mother of two young kids. Her death was a tragic one. The community is still reeling from the loss and has put out the call for donations to help with the children’s care. A funeral is set for Friday. Those in need can contact the family at $OiviaSYoung on Cash App or visit their Facebook page.

Tasheka was a 34-year-old mother of two children. She was expecting a third child and was looking to pursue a career in education. She attended Bethune-Cookman University and earned a bachelor’s degree. According to her friends, she had a pretty violent relationship with her ex-fiancée, Bursey Armstrong. They had been friends for a couple of years and were reportedly trying to get Tasheka out of the picture. When her mother went to her house, she found the body of Young on the floor of her bedroom.

Earlier this year, the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office investigated a report of a homicide in the Mission Pointe Apartments on Biscayne Boulevard. Police reportedly recovered a murder weapon and other bits of evidence pointing to a crime. Although the investigation into the case has been ongoing, a suspect has been identified. During the course of the investigation, police have uncovered the aforementioned oblivion and a number of other intriguing tidbits.

One of the more surprising things that investigators have found is that the crime may have occurred over a period of a few days. In fact, the body was only discovered on July 23, a day after Tasheka’s mother visited her home. This isn’t the first time a murder has taken place in the area. However, it is the first that has been linked to a suspected domestic violence incident. It is believed that Young and her husband had been arguing, leading to a series of physical fights, culminating in the death of their daughter. Several witnesses were present when the incident occurred. While investigating the scene, police found a handgun and a plethora of other items that led investigators to conclude that a murder may have been the culprit.

The most impressive is that Tasheka Young was a former television and radio star. She was known for her show naming acumen and her witty, jocular wit, but her murder was not her fault. Despite the ensuing controversy, Tasheka is credited with making a name for herself in the television and radio industries. Besides, she is credited with raising awareness of domestic violence in her community. That is a feat in and of itself.

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