The Oyler House Lone Pine Ca

The Oyler House in Lone Pine CA

Located in Lone Pine, CA, The Oyler House offers a comfortable and relaxing stay for guests who have traveled to the area from all over. It is a great location for families and is also a popular venue for weddings and parties. The hotel has many amenities to offer, including free WiFi, a business center, and a pool.

Mitch Glazer

During the ’60s, a government employee named Richard Oyler commissioned world-renowned modernist architect Richard Neutra to design a home for him in the Mojave Desert town of Lone Pine, California. The home, which is referred to as The Oyler House, was built in 1959. It is a classic example of mid-century modern architecture.

The house is surrounded by walls of glass and is surrounded by a landscape of mountains. It is not a typical house, but rather feels bigger than the ordinary world. In the kitchen, the walls are adorned with drawings by the house’s owner’s daughter. Likewise, the guest bathroom has a canary-yellow laminate that is original to the home.

Today, the Oyler House is owned by actor Mitch Glazer and actress Kelly Lynch. They have restored the home to perfection. The couple also owns a John Lautner-designed home in Los Feliz.

Kelly Lynch

Located in Lone Pine, California, Richard Neutra’s Oyler House is a well known landmark in the field of mid century modern architecture. Kelly Lynch and Mitch Glazer own it and have been dedicated to preserving the legacy of the architect.

The Oyler House was built in 1959 by a government employee. The house is a tribute to one of the most famous architects of the twentieth century. This house is now owned by Kelly Lynch, who has lived in two architecturally important homes in Southern California.

A documentary, “The Oyler House: Richard Neutra’s Desert Retreat,” will be showing at the Bishop Twin Theater on October 29 at 3pm. The film is directed by Mike Dorsey and is a dazzling cinematic tribute to the Owens Valley.

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Designed by world-renowned architect Richard Neutra, the Oyler House in Lone Pine, California is a beautiful mid-century modern masterpiece. The house is owned by Kelly Lynch, who has recently restored the home to its original glory. It is one of the most photographed homes in the world and a favorite of architecture buffs everywhere.

The house was designed in 1959 by Neutra, who was a student of Frank Lloyd Wright. It was a small commission for the famous architect. Richard Oyler, a working class government employee, asked him to design a home for him. It was only the first of a long friendship between the two men.

The Oyler House is the subject of a new documentary, The Oyler House: Richard Neutra’s Desert Retreat. The film explores the relationship between Richard Neutra and his small town family. It also highlights Richard Oyler’s humble but extraordinary personality.

John Timme

Located in Lone Pine, California, the Oyler House has long been associated with the likes of architect Richard Neutra, the late Frank Lloyd Wright, and actress Kelly Lynch. The Oyler House has recently been restored by architecture enthusiast Kelly Lynch. She is also involved in community-based urban development and designs backyard homes. She currently lives with actor Hank Harris.

The Oyler House is actually a very well-designed mid-century modern masterpiece. It is situated on a parcel of land with an astounding view of a natural rock formation. Oyler commissioned world-renowned architect Richard Neutra to design a modest home on the parcel. Although Neutra designed many noteworthy structures, the Oyler House is perhaps the best example of his work.

The Oyler House was built in 1959 by government employee Richard Oyler. After a long stint of official and insurance sales, Oyler was looking for a more relaxed way of life. Oyler bought a property in Palm Springs, and then asked Neutra to design a modest home on a small budget.

Richard Oyler

Located in the heart of the California desert is Richard Oyler House, built in 1959 by a working-class government employee who asked world-famous architect Richard Neutra to design the house for him. Despite the small commission, Neutra agreed to design the house and the two developed a close friendship.

The Oyler House is owned by writer-producer Mitch Glazer and actress Kelly Lynch. They have been working together since 1992. Glazer has been a writer, producer, and director of several feature films. He is also a member of the Progressive Jewish Alliance and the Film Your Issue think tank. He is an active art collector and a devoted friend of modern architecture.

The Oyler House was featured at the Beverly Hills Film Festival. The film tells the story of how Richard Oyler became a friend of Neutra’s and how the two built a mid-century modern masterpiece.

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