Things To Know Before Making A Travel Plan To Dubai

It is important to remember safety precautions when visiting Dubai. These precautions include not staring at strangers while in taxis and not using drugs and alcohol. Also, it is wise to wear comfortable shoes. You don’t want your feet to be bitten by a mosquito.

Avoiding Staring In Taxis

The State Department advises that women avoid the front seat when riding in a taxi, but that doesn’t mean you should completely shun them. Cover up if you are afraid of being stared at. Generally speaking, Dubai is safe, as long as you stay within the city limits. You should be aware of the laws in the United Arab Emirates.

Taxis in Dubai can be legally rented and licensed by the government. You’ll feel safe riding in one. Taxis can be rented on the streets, outside hotels and malls, or you can hail them from your hotel. You can also use a radio taxi.

Avoid Strangers

Avoid strangers before making a travel plan to Dubai. This is particularly true during the evening hours. Although the streets of Dubai are generally safe, you should be cautious and walk with caution, especially at night. Speeding and lack of sidewalks are commonplace in the city, and pedestrians should always be alert for danger. Avoid walking alone at night. Instead, plan your trip with a companion. Travelling with a companion can help you avoid unwanted eye contact and conceal signs of intoxication.

Although Dubai is an Islamic country, it is also surprisingly diverse. Dubai is home to twelve times more foreign residents than locals. This means that Dubai is full of foreign workers. It is still a Muslim country and foreigners can get in trouble even for the most innocuous of mistakes.

Avoiding Swearing

If you plan to travel to Dubai, it is important not swear in Dubai. It is forbidden to use foul language online, as the country has strict Islamic laws. Swearing in public places is forbidden, and even insulting public officials is punished by detention and fines that can exceed ten thousand AED. A British woman was recently arrested in Dubai after swearing on WhatsApp. Another man was arrested in Dubai after pointing at a taxi driver. Abusive language can also be prohibited. This could lead to fines up to Dh250,000, deportation and even imprisonment.

Make sure you plan your trip to Dubai in advance. Dubai is a fascinating and historic city that attracts tourists from all over the world. While it’s a wonderful place to visit, be aware of the strict swearing rules in the country. Even if you are visiting with children, it is important to not swear in public. Cursing in public places can be a crime that could land you in jail. Children can travel with their parents, but they should be supervised by adults.

Avoid Using Drugs

When making a travel plan to Dubai, it’s important to follow the UAE’s zero tolerance policy regarding drugs. It is a country that bans all drugs, even prescription medication. It is important to double-check the medication you take and keep them with you at all costs. Avoid bringing illegal drugs into the UAE, such as marijuana. Drugs can result in arrest and death.

Although the UAE is a very liberal country, alcohol is readily available. However, drugs and alcohol remain illegal. It is important to know that you will be searched at customs. You could also face severe fines. Although you may not be able avoid the search, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Avoid Hugging People In Public

It is important to avoid hugging in public, especially in places that are not appropriate. Hugging is generally not allowed, with some exceptions, such as beaches and parks. While some places do allow platonic hugs, it’s best to stay away from sexualized ones.

Dubai has a ban on public displays of affection. This includes kissing on the cheek and hugging in public. However, you’re welcome to hold hands with your loved one in the privacy of your hotel room, especially if you’re already married. Another rule is to avoid touching or kissing in public on Friday, since this is a holy day. Many businesses and amenities are closed on Friday.

Budgeting For A Trip To Dubai

When budgeting for your Dubai trip, it is important to get a great deal on airfares. For the latest deals and promotions, check airline websites often. Many airlines, such as Emirates and Etihad have special fares which are frequently listed on their websites. You can also check with local airlines in Dubai for special tourist offers and discounts.

It is possible to travel to Dubai on a budget, but you’ll have to make some sacrifices to get the best deal. Staying in a cheap hotel in Deira or Sharjah is a great option if you are looking for a low-cost option. You can also opt for public transportation to cut down on transport costs. Although admission to some of the city’s most popular attractions can be expensive, many of them have free entry.

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