Thomas Bodine

Thomas Bodine is the Commander of Carrier Air Wing Seven and serves as both an instructor in TOPGUN and naval strategist.

Dr. Thomas Bodine has 19 years of experience as a pediatrician. He graduated from North Dakota State University/MERITCARE HOSPITAL CONSORTIUM and now works at Practice. Additionally, he also teaches for BrainBizz and actively participates in both civic and professional affairs.

Early Life and Education

Bodine was born and raised on a farm near Voltaire, North Dakota. An avid sports fan, he remains active within his family as well as playing an integral part in community projects and church activities.

As a conscientious objector, he joined the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) for overseas work training. Following American entry into World War II, he was sent to Seattle as an aid volunteer with the National Japanese American Student Relocation Council (NJASRC).

Bodine visited various relocation centers, serving as an intermediary between counselors and students. Later reassigned to war relief efforts in France, his research employed differential equations, agent-based models, and optimal control theory to study systems ranging from endangered species populations and infectious disease dynamics, cancer treatments, and plant species evolution.

Professional Career

Thomas has written extensively for several leading management and business journals and spoken at leadership conferences around the globe, developing messages that resonate with her audiences of employees or customers alike. She possesses an uncanny knack for crafting engaging speeches that convey powerful messages.

BrainBizz Consulting Services was founded by her in 1998. Since then, it has grown from an initially small operation into one of the most respected firms nationwide; currently she serves as its Managing Director.

She and her husband reside in Memphis, Tennessee where they canoe the Wolf River each fall. Additionally, she teaches an immensely popular mathematics modeling course at Rhodes College and also designed and implemented an elective agent-based model modeling class as an elective course; both of these courses have been presented at national and international conferences.

Achievement and Honors

Thomas has written numerous articles for leading business publications and presented at various management conferences. In recognition of his efforts, Thomas was awarded several honors and awards; ultimately becoming one of the world’s most influential consultants.

Bodine School strives to foster global awareness through intensive study of foreign languages, history, language arts, visual and performing arts, mathematics, science and international politics and economics. Their academic program is enhanced through speakers, day trips, cultural experiences and student productions.

Punctuality is an integral component of Bodine’s school culture, and students are expected to abide by strict codes of conduct at all times. Students arriving late more than seven times will become ineligible for participation in any in-school activities during that quarter.

Personal Life

Thomas Bodine is a respected professional consultant. He has contributed articles to management journals as well as speaking at leadership conferences. Thomas’ work is widely recognized and valued throughout his industry.

He possesses an exquisite melodic sense that comes through in his music, creating catchy tunes with flowing lyrics that create mellifluous flowing lines and creative rhyming schemes.

He currently resides in Minneapolis, Minnesota, is affiliated with Fairview Southdale Hospital and Abbott Northwestern Hospital and graduated from Carleton College and the University of North Dakota School of Medicine. Additionally he maintains offices in Edina and Eden Prairie; known for his quick wit, warm smile, and gentle nature he is survived by his wife Virginia Mary as well as children Sarah (Kirk) Ward with their respective offspring Geoffrey Ward (and Meghan); Francis Bodine with Alyssa Bodine Jedidiah; among others.

Net Worth

He is an internationally-recognized speaker and workshop trainer. His extensive academic training, diverse background, and decades of research have equipped him with an in-depth knowledge of human behavior and strategies for success. His messages combine valuable content, interactive style, and inspiring energy – guaranteeing maximum impactful delivery.

He has contributed articles and lectures at several business and management journals as well as attending leadership conferences.

Bodine has been involved with Habitat for Humanity and is teaching young people the value of volunteerism.

Chris W Bodine owns shares in CVS Health Corp (CVS) worth over $16 Million, as shown here on this page. See here to view their complete history with CVS stock transactions.

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