Thomas Buckingham

Thomas Buckingham arrived in Milford CT as one of its earliest settlers on Lot 36 and joined Peter Prudden’s church congregation.

Buckingham’s work, “De contingentia futurorum et arbitrii libertate,” is the opening question in his Quaestiones theologicae series and can be found here in both text form as well as an analysis. This edition provides both aspects.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Buckingham’s early life remains obscure. Born in England, it is possible that his family may have been Puritans who disapproved of the official state church at that time and its practices.

In 1639 he arrived with Rev Peter Prudden’s group to New Haven as one of several planters and received house lot 36 which comprised three acres.

Town records reveal that he frequently received additional land grants as his needs and family expanded, bequeathing them in his will to two of his black slaves.

Professional Career

After graduating Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Thomas Buckingham began a career in the insurance industry. Starting with Phoenix Life as an actuarial program participant and quickly rising through their ranks to SVP Product & Operations; Thomas is responsible for product design, pricing, implementation and management for life and annuity products for Phoenix Life.

As well as this experience, he has also served as crew chief for world champion Ron Capps Motorsports team and won three world titles during this time.

Hickey’s career as a socialist organizer brought him in contact with numerous leaders across the nation, and Buckingham uses these interactions and personal anecdotes as part of an engaging narrative that does not simply retell American socialism history but provides an in-depth portrait of an individual often overshadowed by history.

Achievement and Honors

Buckingham served as both a trustee of Yale College and president of Norwich Free Academy. Additionally, he played an integral part in leading churches within Norwich to advance their interests and promote worship services. A street and school in Norwich bear his name; furthermore a statue commemorating his achievements stands in the state Capitol.

Buckingham is mentioned as one of the individuals involved with founding Milford Church in Peter Prudden: A Story of New Haven and Milford.

In 1860, Buckingham was elected governor on the Union ticket in an intensely contentious election that hinged on national debates about slavery and state’s rights. Buckingham eventually won by only a narrow margin and would go on to serve seven years.

Personal Life

Buckingham was an active leader of Norwich community and served on both the Boards of Trustees of Norwich Free Academy and Connecticut State Temperance Union, in addition to acting as trustee for New Haven Seminary and as a benefactor to Yale College.

Buckingham was widely considered one of the most powerful figures in Connecticut during his lifetime, so much so that the General Assembly granted him greater powers and mobility than was granted most other nineteenth-century governors.

Buckingham was an extremely wealthy individual, as evidenced by his property deeds found in town records. He owned multiple houses and land throughout Watertown’s Black community – such as his namesake home on Beach Avenue in Watertown – as well as leaving a significant sum in his will to one of his former slaves.

Net Worth

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Lindsey Buckingham has amassed an estimated net worth of $150 Million as of 2023 from his success as guitarist and vocalist with Fleetwood Mac. As its wealthiest member, he remains at the helm.

Buckingham enjoyed an equally successful solo career, writing and recording songs for numerous artists. Additionally, he co-wrote the title track to Back to the Future (1986). Furthermore, he performed USA for Africa’s fundraising single and has appeared on multiple film soundtracks.

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