Thomas Carbonaro

Thomas Carbonaro, 73, Was Convicted of Participating in a Gangland Hit on Mob Canary Salvatore “Sammy the Bull” Grav

Gambino soldier Thomas Carbonaro’s mission of assassinating mob canary Salvatore “Sammy Bull” Gravano wasn’t simply another one-off assignment.

Peter Gotti, then acting boss of the Gambino Crime Family, assigned an assassin from his crime family with killing Gravano after Phoenix newspaper published an interview.

Now, Carbonaro has applied for compassionate release. His lawyers argue that he has paid his debt to society and no longer poses any danger to society as a whole.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Carbonaro, 73, does not deny the seriousness of his offenses. He was charged with participating in a mob turncoat’s plot to assassinate Salvatore “Sammy the Bull” Gravano out West.

Carbonaro was not only responsible for murders, but he also engaged in loansharking and extortion on behalf of the Gambino crime family. Manhattan federal court Judge Colleen McMahon found him guilty in 2004 of racketeering conspiracy and extortion – receiving 70 years behind bars as a sentence for this conduct.

Carbonaro’s motion states that he has been fully rehabilitated and reformatted and no longer associates himself with criminal elements who committed his offenses of conviction. Furthermore, due to age, medical conditions, and risk of COVID-19 infection at his BOP facility (FCI Allenwood Medium), Carbonaro warrants a reduced sentence.

Professional Career

Carbonaro began his mob career by engaging in low-level activity such as car thefts and racketeering activities, such as minor racketeering. Over time he became trusted associate of Gambino family soldier Salvatore “Sammy Bull” Gravano and received the rank of made man.

He engaged in various crimes related to mob activity, such as murders and attempted murders as well as loansharking and extortion for the Gambino Crime Family. For his crimes he received 70 years’ imprisonment.

Now 73, Huck wants to spend his remaining years with his family. According to Harlan Protass, Carbonaro no longer resembles the person who committed his offenses of conviction, noting his good prison behavior and low risk of recidivism as potential reasons for reduced sentences. Protass also notes his excellent health status – two key criteria when applying for reduction of sentences.

Achievement and Honors

As a Marine, Carbonaro received several honors, such as the Purple Heart, Good Conduct Medal, Combat Action Ribbon and National Defense Service Medal. He graduated from Amphibious Reconnaissance School, Marine Corps Avionics School as well as Survival Evasion Resistance Escape training programs.

According to his attorney, he is an ideal prisoner with no disciplinary violations or smuggling activities and earned his GED as well as several certificates with valued certificates from prison authorities.

Judge Elizabeth Ann Dumas reduced Carbonaro’s sentence due to his strong work ethic, meritorious prison record, age and reduced likelihood for recidivism. He will be released from incarceration in March 2063 and his tattoos adorning his body from neck to feet include images depicting both of his children as well as an upside-down black panther with its head facing toward the sky.

Personal Life

Carbonaro, commonly referred to by his nickname of “Huck,” is an individual involved with the Gambino Crime Family who currently faces a 70-year sentence for murdering two mob associates and conspiring with others in killing another who worked for law enforcement as an informant.

Protass contends that Carbonaro has paid his debt to society and has no intention of returning to criminal activities after serving his prison sentence. According to him, Carbonaro has been an outstanding prisoner – even earning his GED and several valuable certificates while behind bars.

Carbonaro has already experienced COVID-19 and recovered, and is being vaccinated against it at FCI Allenwood which currently reports no active cases. According to CDC guidelines, prior infections offer protection from subsequent reinfection.

Net Worth

Carbonaro has made his fortune as an actor, magician and comedian through his career in shows such as Chappelle’s Show and Law and Order: Special Victims Unit as well as his own series The Carbonaro Effect on truTV where he gets to trick unsuspecting people in everyday situations.

He boasts an estimated net worth of approximately $5 Million and is openly gay, becoming an advocate for LGBTQ causes.

Carbonaro contends he’s changed and deserves the chance to spend the remainder of his life with his family, but Manhattan federal prosecutors disagree, believing his crimes – such as loansharking and extortions on behalf of Gambino Crime Family – warrant a 70-year prison sentence.

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