Thomas Cope

Thomas Cope – A Closer Look

Thomas Cope serves as Chief Security Officer at Next. In this capacity he manages the end-to-end security for their DLP product and leads their PSIRT & Product Security teams. Thomas holds a Masters in Software and Systems Security from Oxford University.

Cope is convinced that his actions are for the greater good, yet shows a callous disregard for individual lives – even willing to sacrifice children in pursuit of his goal.

Early Life and Education

Tom was born and raised in Oak Park, Illinois where he attended Glenbard West High School before enrolling at University of California San Diego (UCSD) La Jolla where he earned a Bachelors of Science in Biology degree.

His father wanted him to work on their family farm, but Cope was determined to pursue a scientific career instead. In 1856 he spent time gaining experience on his uncle’s Pennsylvania farm while also studying comparative anatomy with Joseph Leidy, an avid naturalist.

Cope believed that species would benefit from periodic mass die-offs to keep populations under control and avoid resource depletion, motivating him with this belief and showing it through his actions at Ballarat where he provided legal representation to Eureka gold miners without charging legal fees.

Professional Career

Tom Cope is an accomplished Software and Systems Security Architect with extensive experience designing, building and maintaining secure systems and software, conducting security research on existing systems/software as well as protecting business processes and teams.

Cope is an active member of ASA, serving on both its professional-managerial section council and Staffing World content focus group. He has also participated in its Mentor Match program as an active mentor.

He has extensive experience as an executive recruiter, specializing in board recruitment and succession projects for financial services firms. At present, he leads Kingsley Gate Partners’ financial services practice in Singapore; previously he built out Odgers Berndtson’s Asia private equity practice.

Achievement and Honors

Cope was an esteemed member of Ballarat community and established a flourishing legal practice, with offices in Buckland, Yackandandah, Bright and Woods Point. As an advocate for miners’ rights and those of his community in general he often traveled long distances to meet clients; supporting goldfield strikers at Eureka by providing legal support at no charge putting his own career in jeopardy as part of their defense team he also organized their defense without taking legal fees in return putting his own career at stake putting his own career on hold as part of his dedication he became.

Through The Cobra Event, Cope displays an unwavering disregard for human life, justifying Cobra’s horror-ridden deaths as necessary sacrifices. While willing to put himself in mortal danger for his cause – unlike many mass killers – Cope chose not to die in service to it.

Personal Life

Cope is known to advocate for animal rights; however, he also enjoys hunting and fishing. Recently, video footage showed him torturing and killing a raccoon, citing it as “nuisance”.

Cope’s actions provoked widespread outrage online and led the state of Florida to conduct an investigation. Responding to criticism, Cope issued an apology stating he did not intend to torture the animal but was afraid it may have been rabid.

Cope is an animal lover living on a farm and operating Country Dogs of Blue Mountain Farm in Bethel. Additionally, he travels frequently to disaster-stricken areas to rebuild homes after natural disasters have struck. Although not an intentional suicide bomber himself, he does put his life at risk to advance his cause; Cope believes species benefit from periodic mass die-offs which prevent overpopulation of their environment and subsequent resource depletion.

Net Worth

Timothy Cope currently owns over 83,000 shares of Golden Entertainment Inc and has conducted one insider trading transaction there in the last 7 years. His net worth stands at $4.8 Million dollars as of May 23, 2018.

He believes species benefit from periodic mass die-offs to keep populations from overpopulating their environment and succumbing to resource depletion. While he doesn’t resent humanity for its technological achievements, billions must die off periodically in order to save both humanity and the environment.

He is completely disdainful of individual human lives, even willing to risk his own safety to pursue his goals and even kill himself if necessary. He justifies these painful deaths as necessary sacrifices; though not malicious in nature he dislikes suffering greatly and especially animal cruelty.

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